‘Pennyworth’ S1E10 ” Marianne Faithful” Breakdown and Review!

Well, this was an interesting season finale to say the least. I expected something big but this exceeded even my expectations. In the last episode we left off with Queen Elizabeth being taken by the Sykes sisters.

This episode begins with word getting out about the Queen’s capture and Harwood’s home is immediately raided. However, all they find there is the Hanged wife and Butler. The Queen is held up with the Sykes sisters and is forced to send word that she is alive but gives the Prime Minister position to Lord Harwood. After that announcement things immediately heat up. The Prime Minister and Lord Harwood even have words over the radio until General Malcolm suggests that maybe excessive bloodshed isn’t the best approach. Even Gaunt is a little apprehensive with the kidnapping of the Queen.

This all ends up effecting Alfred when he tries to leave the country for New Orleans but with the Raven Society taking control all the ports are shut down. Alfred, Dave Boy and Bazza get away from the police and head to Martha’s for a place to lay low. Meanwhile, Thomas has already arrived to get Martha and get out of the country themselves. Martha isn’t willing to budge on leaving and wants to do to Undine Twaite. To try and stop her Thomas tells her about Undine having her husband killed and that it was by Alfred. She is reluctant to believe him. When Alfred shows, they all put the pieces together about not only the Twaites but with the incident with the Raven Society and the No Name League meeting. Obviously, Thomas and Martha are grateful but when they tell Alfred about the coup with Harwood, Alfred instead wants to stay instead of leaving the country.

Mr. Pennyworth is happy to see the coup and not only celebrates but heads into his station that was appointed to him at this moment with the old guard. We also see that Undine is pulled from her home and hung on the street as Ripper sneaks away.

On the card ride with Alfred, Martha, and Thomas, there is some arguing between Martha and Thomas and he admits that he LIKES her in a SEXUAL way. That is all put on hold for a moment when they arrive to their destination at the Sykes. Alfred comes in guns out to get the Queen, seems easy until Dave Boy is randomly stabbed. It’s just a flesh wound.

Alfred convinces Bet, who he has developed a friendship with Bet to let the Queen go unharmed. Well, I guess it was really Peg that convinces her. The Queen then calls the General to let him know that she is free, the General then removes Harwood and Gaunt from position killing some guards. The Queen then makes a public announcement letting everyone know that everything is fine, then she shows Alfred just how grateful she is with his work.

Mr. Pennyworth isn’t taking this well, it’s made me a little sad. Alfred leaves the Queen and heads home but Dad seems a bit off when they talk about his cancer. His father realizes that if Alf was pardoned then he must have been involved with saving the Queen. However, this doesn’t stop his dad from leaving that night to butler a dinner party with the Queen and the Prime Minister. We know that something is happening when Harwood tells the Sykes and Gaunt that there is something else up his sleeve.

Martha then shows at Thomas’s to get to the bottom of this like situation and after putting him on the spot she admits that she may like him too. Aww, they’re going to make a Bat Baby! However, things go wrong quickly when Thomas is shot and we see Mr. Pennyworth with a bomb.

Alfred has the feeling that something is wrong as does his mom so he heads out after taking a call from the Queen. He heads to the party and shows just as his father gets the bomb in position. He is then forced to shoot his father to save the Queen.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I thought this was a fantastic finale. I loved that Martha and Thomas are together, but then he also go shot, so maybe that didn’t end the best. However, can we talk about Alf and the Queen?! But then, Alfred also had to shoot his father. If you think about how bad he was after Esme, can you imagine how this is going to effect him? Hopefully, this show gets renewed. I want more!

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