‘Titans’ S2E4 “Aqualad” Breakdown and Review!

Another week, another new character to love. However, this one is not sticking around. This week’s episode was sent entirely in the past to explain not only where Aqualad is but what lead to the initial breakup of the Titans.

In looking back five years we have Slade Wilson who is very active. He takes out a large host of people all connected to a trial in Chicago. After closing that case he gets on one San Francisco which puts him in the path of the Titans. I guess there were really two new characters this episode, the introduction a deaf young man making Eggplant Parm. We later find out that this is Slade’s son Jericho. He seems to be in some kind of witness protection or in hiding but Slade does know where he is and we see him watching from the street.

The past Titans are introduced when stopping a robbery. This includes Dick Grayson’s Robin, Hawk and Dove, Wondergirl and Aqualad. After their successful night they have a few drinks except for Donna Troy. It isn’t explained too much in the episode but at some point, she is supposed to be returning to the Themyscira. This gives her limited time to study and she wants to remain focused.

Dr. Light is in this episode as well, we knew he had past run ins with the Titans. Here he is visiting an old partner/Colleague that has an activator he wants to get his hands on. The former friend doesn’t tell Dr. Light, so naturally he drains the light from the city to then kill him.

The Titans also experience the power outage caused by this. Dick investigates it with his Waynetech computers while Donna and Garth (Aqualad) talk about their obvious chemistry. She says she has no time for dating. Donna then turns around and messages someone named” J” and tells them that she needs to meet.

After killing his former partner, Dr. Light then heads to the bank to steal his safety deposit box which is what puts him on the Titans radar. The team heads there to check it out except for Donna who meets Jillian, another Amazonian, to talk about leaving sooner than planned. While looking through footage, Garth again talks with Donna and this time brings a drink they used to share when they were kids. However, now they are interrupted by Dawn who tells them that Dick has called a meeting. I haven’t mentioned yet that Dawn and Dick are together at this point in the past.

Garth later talks with Dick about how to get Donna to be with him and Dick’s only advise is to wait, although Garth has been waiting 12 years. Donna then talks with Dick and tells him that she is leaving, today. Her last mission will be going with the team to stop Dr. Light from stealing this activator that Dick discovers would make him like a nuclear bomb.

Of course, there is a suit up scene, I mean, how could there not be. When fighting Dr. Light, it is Aqualad who is the real hero as he is able to withstand the power of Dr. Light’s blast even though he was able to absorb some of the laser. Now that Light has been taken down and heading to prison (Which he remains until present time) Donna prepares to leave.

She finally lets herself be with Garth but he wakes to find that she is gone and only the bottle of Orange Soda remains. Dick does have a talk with her before she boards the elevator, regardless she seems set in leaving.

Garth comes out and talks with Dick after Donna leaves but it is clear that Donna did not tell Garth she was leaving for good. Dick shares this news with him and Garth races to the airport to stop her. He tells her he loves her and he always will. Jillian’s reaction is the best, however, even though Donna kisses him, happiness doesn’t last long. Garth turns in time to take Deathstroke’s bullet. Jillian gets Donna to safety but Garth doesn’t make it.

Donna then decides to stay for vengeance as the whole team grieves for Garth. Dick discovers the identity of Deathstroke as Dawn pushes him to be more like Batman. At the end of the episode he moves in to meet Jericho, Slade’s son.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I wondered what happened to Aqualad, that he was not brought in with the rest when Dr. Light and Deathstroke resurfaced, the truth was sadder than I expected. However, it is now understandable why some of the former Titans have trouble being back here. I think this is going to be a particularly hard arc for Donna since this is really her path of vengeance. I am also very interested in what happens with Jericho. Rose mentioned the last episode that her father killed Jericho, which is her reasoning for hating her him. However, I wonder if maybe the Titans actually hurt Jericho. This could make the present time prickly. I noticed when Rose mentioned this before Dick seemed passive about it, but now knowing that he knew Jericho, that reaction seems weird.

Next week’s episode is entitles Deathstroke so, I am expecting to get these type of answers.

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