Black Panther Book 6: The Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda Part 1 Breakdown and Review

Welcome back to another Monday and another Marvel breakdown! This week we get into the Black Panther story line. You can tell with the title ‘Book 6’ that this is obviously not the start to the story but I think that the comic itself do okay with explaining on how we got here. Basically, 2,000 years ago Wakanda decided to colonize in space which later turned into an empire that spanned 5 galaxies. Pretty impressive. However, this empire isn’t the same as the Wakanda we know. It is built on the back of the nameless, people that they steal memories from and then work like mules.

Three years ago, there was a champion that arises from seemingly nowhere with the name T’Challa. Now T’Challa is a known name and is common in this time in honor of the once great king of Wakanda. However, in the war of Shi’ar, the champion fell and has since thought dead.

This brings us to now, a nameless prisoner mule working in the vibranium mines of Goree with dreams of a goddess wanting him to come back home. He is a fighter and stands against the empire guards even when outnumbered. This catches the attention of the empire resistance, specifically Captain N’yami. She then has her soldiers M’baku and Nakia move into the mine looking for soldiers.

Later when working the mines, this nameless prisoner is approached by another mule who calls himself King Mule. There is obviously a fight here and both end up in trouble. When the Resistance arrives looking for soldiers, they take not only the prisoner but he pulls King Mule along with him. This impresses Captain N’yami and she offers for this prisoner to become part of the resistance and take the name T’Challa.

In Issue #2 two years have passed and the Maroon resistance has spent it raiding the Empire. T’Challa shows himself to be a risk taker and excellent fighter. In the opening fight, his ship is brought down only showing that he still needs back up from time to time.

On Planet Bast, the home of the Emperor news of T’Challa has not only spread but become an irritation for them. Lord N’Jadaka not only kills his council but orders several killed in frustration that T’Challa has managed to slip from their grasp time and time again and this time taken the M’Kraan Shard.

In Issue #3, Captain N’yami shares her thought on a prophecy to Nakia. This is that their T’Challa is THE T’Challa. Same man that killed Ulysses Klaw, Mephisto and was with a goddess. She even goes on to claim that the T’Challa that arrives years ago and fought in the Shi’ar war is the same T’Challa. The Captain’s fear is that if her thought get out that it could raise false hope if she is wrong and would also ensure that Emperor N’Jadaka will never stop hunting them.

Later that day, Nakia talks with T’Challa and tell him that they may have secured a way for him to get his memories back. That the empire does take them but they also keep them because of the knowledge they contain. Unfortunately, this conversation is then put on hold because they are under attack.

This attack proves to be brutal and carries over into issue #4 with the introduction of Manifold. T’Challa and Nakia fight on the outside, which is where they were when the fighting started and then M’Baku fights Manifold on the inside. They all know quickly that an escape is going to be needed to survive with the amount of force that has been brought down on them. M’Baku takes out Manifold with the help of King Daoud. However, when they are heading for a pod to take them back to their main ship the Mackandal, Manifold reappears. T’Challa though has made it this far with Nakia and he fights with Manifold this time. In the fight he uses the spear that end up glowing in his hands giving away that it is the spear of Basherga and that T’Challa is indeed the real T’Challa.

Unfortunately, even though most of them were able to escape, the Captain did not and this leaves M’Baku in charge of the resistance.  The news gets back to the Emperor N’Jadaka that they are closing in on T’Challa.

Issue #5 is set five years after the events of issue with the resistance hiding all this time after the devastating blow that they took. T’Challa, while still being a risk taker is not a fighter anymore. Nakia pushes him to recognize in him who he is even without his memories. Even the spear should be an indicator to T’Challa.

She shares with him also the news that their location is now known to the nameless and they have been fleeing here in droves which has led to a small attack by the Askari. The time for fighting is getting close. She leaves him with a disk that contains the memories of Captain N’yami. She says that she believes that not only can the shard they recover restore the memories of the nameless but that they also found their champion in T’Challa. That not only does he have the strength but the memories of Hadari Yao the goddess. Of course, some push is going to be needed which this message provides. We see him suit up and ready to fight at the end of the issue.

However, in issue #6 we also see N’Jadaka get an upgrade to godhood when he takes on his own god Bast. They talk about his history and how he became the emperor with the help of the Klyntar which is this webby stuff that comes out of him. However, now he wants to take her power. They fight and when she bites him, she is overtaken with the Kyntar killing her and N’Jadaka taking her power.

Next Week we are in Wakanda a little closer to home in Wakanda Forever!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Maybe this is the Star Wars fan in me talking, but I LOVE this Volume. We have the notorious T’Challa in a Sci-Fi fantasy setting and I LOVE IT. Did I mention I love it? The art is beautiful and even if you didnt read up to this point there is enough back story here for it to make sense.

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