‘Evil’ S1E1 “Pilot” Breakdown and Review!

This show was not at all what I was expecting but I really loved it. I am a huge fan of Mike Colter (Luke Cage) which is how I got turned on to the show, but then seeing that Michael Emerson was on here too made me want to check it out even more. So let’s talk about it.

The Main character is Kristen Boucha who is a forensic psychologist and expert witness for the prosecution not only in this case against Orson LeRue, but with large volume of cases. In this case, Orson claims that he brutally killed three families while blacked out. She does this series of questions that are true or false to determine if he is competent to stand trial. Her determination is that he is, however, when she is on the stand she is asked if he could be possessed by a demon named Roy, something that had not been told to her in all of her time with Orson. When she goes to see Orson again she meets David Acosta and Ben Shakir. She thinks at first that they are with the defense and are coaching Orson, but as she soon finds out when talking to Orson, there may be something to this demon possession when Orson attacks her during the Lord’s Prayer.

After the attack, she talks with the prosecutor saying that she needs more time with Orson but he just wants her to go on the stand and continue with what her original assessment was, otherwise they will have to find another expert witness. This leads her to quit.

At home we meet Kristen’s family, which mostly consists of her four girls Lexis, Lila, Lynn and Laura. Her mother is also in the picture as the babysitter. Her marriage is interesting, they are still together but he is a tour guide on Everest so this has him in Nepal instead of being home with her and the girls. After celebrating her birthday with the girls, one of them tells her about a call from the loan company she got. She calls back the loan company and rips them out for scaring her daughter. However, a solution comes knocking on her door.

That solution is of course David Acosta. There is more we learn about Kristen here, like she was also a climber but quit after having the girls. David also gives some background, like he is not actually a priest but an investigator with the Catholic Church and his job is to determine if certain cases are actually in need of an exorcism. Since she is no longer working for the prosecution he would like her to join him in these investigation. She claims that she is not a believer and this would not work for her but with the promise of money she ends up accepting.

The next day she is there for an interview with Orson’s wife Emily. She has a recording that she says proves that Orson was possessed. In the recording he makes a whispering sound and appears to be sleep walking. While Ben does some physical investigating on the house for an explanation to the sounds, David and Kristen talk about his beliefs. He explains that outside of the US he had seen lots of things that could not or wasn’t being explained by science, that this is what made him a believer.

That night while looking into the possibility of seizures as a cause for the murders, Kristen veers off and looks into David. She finds a video of him serving in Afghanistan. However, that gets interrupted when she hears a noise in the house.

When in bed she wakes up to the same sound and this time is visited by a demon named George. George knows some pretty personal details about Kristen, like that she had a C-section and she has the hots for Acosta. He even pees in the corner of her room as a sign that he was there. When she wakes up screaming the girls rush in to check on her. The pee in the corner turns out to be rain water but the girls stay with her that night in bed.

The next day she talks with her therapist about this. He doesn’t think these are night terrors but does give her medication to help.

At the LuRue house, Ben has determined that the sound Emily heard was actually a noise from the dishwasher and not Orson whispering. In a conversation with Kristen and Ben she learns that David may not be a priest but he is training to be one. Then they head to see Orson again, she still can’t determine what could be the issue but she wants to run more tests. She talks with David about him becoming a priest and that he doesn’t seem the type. He says that she doesn’t seem like a thrill seeker either discovering that he looked into her as well. There is some pretty goo chemistry between these too which seems like it could be complicated.

That night, Kristen decides not to take her meds but makes a sign and hangs it on the ceiling. That night George visits her and asks her the same series of questions that she asked Orson, however then they veer off into questions about Acosta and her attraction to him. She loses a finger in the process but then when looking at the sign she made she realizes that this is in fact a dream. This is because she cannot read the sign, something that happens when you sleep.

However, things get super weird the next day when she is visiting Orson for more tests but instead it is his demon Roy that wants to play. He not only knows about George visiting her but says that he will continue to visits every night. Kristen runs out of the room with Acosta following. He asks her what that was about and she explains the dreams to him.

She then realizes that there was someone she told about her dreams, her therapist. She shows there wanting to know who he talked to or who would have the notes. He claims he hasn’t told anymore and no one would get her notes but when unlocking them he finds her folder empty. This leads her to the prison wanting to know who would have visited Orson, whoever took the notes must have also visited him. Even though she isn’t supposed to see the logs, she gets them and finds the name L. Townsend.

L. Townsend turns out to be a defense witness that corroborates the demon possessions. He also matches a description of someone in the therapist office the day before. When confronting him he uses her therapy notes against her about her wish for alone time but he again also mentions the 16, whoever they are. Acosta shows to help Kristen but Townsend has dirt on him as well and brings up a Julie which earns him a punch from David.

David later explains that Townsend and people like him are influencers that push people to do crazy things, which means that you don’t necessarily have to believe in the supernatural to believe in evil. After re-listening to the wife’s recording they hear Orson ask about a password. This leads them to the wife’s account where they find out that Orson was communicating with Townsend and was influenced to kill. I think my favorite part of the episode was Kristen delivering this news to Orson.

After everything is worked out on this case, they have another call from the church. This time they will be looking into a medical miracle.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

For a series opener this really hit the spot. There was the supernatural aspect whether it was real or not mixed with just a great cast with tons of chemistry. Can we all just celebrate that Kristen’s house is messy like a normal family home? I am pretty excited to see where this series is going from here!

You can catch Evil on CBS Thursday Nights at 10 P.M.!

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