West Coast Avengers Vol 1. Best Coast Breakdown and Review!

Hey Everyone, welcome back for #MarvelMondays! This week we see the reformation of the West Coast Avengers with Kate Bishop taking the lead after moving to LA to become a PI and ends up saving the city from a Shark Attack. When realizing that the land sharks will most likely reappear, she realizes that she needs to put a team together.

There are obviously some shoe-ins for the team, like Clint Barton as the “Other Hawkeye”, American Chaves, Kate’s best friend with super strength and the ability to portal, and her boyfriend Johnny Watts who can transform into any substance he touches. She holds some pretty unsuccessful auditions but does also manage to snag Gewnpool, the female version of Deadpool, and Quentin Quire, known as Kid Omega because of his Omega level powers of telepathy and telekinesis. Rumor is he one day may possess the power of Phoenix. Quentin also comes in with an idea for financial backing in the form of a reality show which I feel modernizes the comic and allows for comedic relief. Gwen and Quentin pretty much instantly hate each other which leads to stress on Kate when they are headed to their first mission.

When they arrive on scene, they discover a 200 ft. Tigra. Tigra was one of the original West Coast Avengers so they attempt to bring her in unharmed since she also appears to be mind controlled. Another surprise comes in the form of a B.R.O.D.O.K. (Bio-Robotic Organism Designed Overwhelmingly for Kissing) He claims he is here to save the day. However, at the start of Issue #2 he seems to be taking the back seat while the others try to incapacitate Tigra, mostly with putty arrows. Quentin tries to reach Tigra’s mind but it has some kind of shield on it, eerily like that of B.R.O.D.O.K.’S.

The team is pretty much in agreement that B.R.O.D.O.K. is really M.O.D.O.K. in disguise. He quickly scares off Tigra and then joins the rest back at Headquarters for pizza and movies. There BRO (I must abbreviate this or I will go insane) tells them the story about how he came to California, set up his company A.I.M and since has been looking for love. This peeks Kate’s suspicions, so her and Clint head to A.I.M. while the others occupy BRO. They find files on women but must make a quick exit when an alarm sound.

Meanwhile, Gwen and Quentin continue to argue about BRO’s movie choices. America points out that they hate each other and it is actually BRO that thinks otherwise, which is proven a few moment later when they kiss. After Kate and Clint arrive back at the house, they all settle in for the night BRO staying as well. He ends up discovering the files that Kate and Clint brought back with him and is upset that they betrayed him.

Of course, his retaliation involves a 200 ft and pissed off Tigra who takes Kate. Fuse takes the form of Vibrainium (which is what his earrings are made up) and has America throw him at Tigra to get Kate. The other work out a plan with America taking on a dragon, Quentin taking out Tigra even if it hurts her, and then Gwen and Clint take on the other monsters. Quentin gets Tigra to sleep but Kate recognizes the tattoos on one of the monsters from the files they found at AIM. She warns the team that these are all innocent victims that are being controlled by BRO. Kate has America send her to AIM to look for a way to reverse the monster process. BRO sees her entering the portal and shakes off Gwen to go after her. Gwen falls pretty much powerless to Quentin’s frustration. She admits that since she has come to California she has been rebooted and no longer as the powers she had before. Fuse and America continue to take out Monsters with his body as a vibranium projectile that America throws around.

While that is happening, Kate is confronted by BRO and show with the gun turning her into a monster as well. We see then when Quentin loses contact with Kate and America and Clint go looking for her. BRO has turned her into a huge Hawk and dubs her Kate Hawk. However, as they lose a team member to BRO, they gain an ally when Tigra wakes up no longer under BRO’s control but still big.

Clint heads back again to AIM looking for anything that can help and finds the machine named “Aversa” which is Latin for back. Quire distracts BRO while Clint gets the machine in place and then they use it to turn B.R.O.D.O.K. back into M.O.D.O.K. The transition makes him lose control of Kate who make still be a large Hawk but can think for herself. She smacks MODOK out of this world and then they all work to shrink down the others. During this America saves Fuse’s sister and they instantly have an attraction which becomes a deal later.

In wrapping up, Clint offers for Tigra to join them but she declines. Bridgette, the dragon, is no longer mind controlled but wants to stay as a dragon which will become convenient for the team later. When sitting down later for the reality show, Kate is called by Captain America who isn’t exactly happy with her. The team also appears on Kimmel to announce their official formation which doesn’t sit well with some local villains and rejects.

Issue #5 was included in this volume but is more of a set up for the next Volume. The WC Avengers are called to the scene where Gridlock is causing a scene. They easily take care of him and the team gets a pet cat out of it.

Later that day, America leaves for a secret date with Ramone. Clint alerts the team that they got a call from the mayor to check out a disturbance at a local abandoned amusement park. Since America is gone, they catch a lift with Bridgette the Dragon. Turns out it wasn’t the mayor that called but Madame Masque. Kate calls in America who brings Ramone along. Once she arrives Kate gets upset and America tries to send her out but her powers are not working properly. They then all get separate by hellfire.

Gwen and Quentin are together, they spend their time going from arguing about her powers (or lack of) to almost kissing, to then being electrocuted and knocked out.

Clint and America are in a hall of mirrors and come to the conclusions with both the tech and magical aspects that they have seen that they are probably being attacked by more than one person. They are then both kissed by Satana Hellstrom and knocked out.

Kate, Fuse and Ramone are all together and are being attacked by ninja stars. Kate recognizes them and known that they need to get out of there. Fuse shield her with his vibranium body. However, one of the stars explodes knocking both him and his sister out. This leaves Kate there alone when her mother appears.

So, we are left on this cliffhanger until Volume #2. I will make sure to link that here when I break that down in the future. Next week I am going to be breaking down Black Panther book 6, which I am very excited to dive in to.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I have mixed feelings about this comic. I love the light hearted humor and am a fan of the characters. The art is beautiful and the story telling is easy to understand.

However, Marvel is in this “lets make another teen team” that is getting a little too routine. Maybe it is because I just came off of a review of the Unstoppable Wasp, I don’t know. If this is the kind of comic you like then you’ll find this to be great. As for kids reading it…. depends on how much kissing you want your kids to see. I let my thriteen year old read it.

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