‘Titans’ Season 2 Episode 3 “Ghosts” Breakdown and Review!

Welcome back for another week of Titans. This episode brings the all the Titans together(Mostly) to face Dr. Light. A villain that the old Titans faced before but that recently broke from prison and is seeking vengeance. He came after both Hawk and Dove and Dick Grayson in the last episode.  Also last episode, Dick brought in a girl by the name of Rose who they discover is the daughter of Slade Wilson.

When Donna, Dawn and Hank arrive at Titans tower you can feel their hesitance about being back here but also the feeling of home they have being here as well. They say several times throughout the episode that something back happened here, that Dick made mistakes and so did the others. Donna explains to them that Kory just disappeared which is true but she is not in Florida like she thinks, more on her later. In a briefing with the old Titans, they talk about how best to handle Dr. Light and make it clear that this is a one time thing. Dick then brings up Rose and that her father is Slade. They are stunned to hear he is alive after thinking when they all split that he was dead. They do acknowledge though that he is also the reason that they all packed up and left before. Dick refuses to kick her out like they want and tells them he will make this his problem.

Rose and Dick talk later and she tells him that she can to San Fransico looking for her dad to kill him because he killed her brother. It was said in the earlier briefing that Slade killed his son Jericho. Obviously this didn’t do well for her. Dick though comes baring gifts, an eye patch, just like dear old dad.

In training with the other Titans, Jason, Rachel and Gar, things are going well and you can see where they are all improving. Stuff gets intense though when the demon inside Rachel comes out and takes hold of Jason almost killing him. This upset Dick and he says some pretty hurtful things but when Dick comes in none of them tell him about the episode.

Rose and Rachel have a chance to talk together alone for the first time and learn that they have more in common than they might initially think. For one, they both belong to the Bad Dad Club with both of their dad giving them their signature look (The eyepatch and the crystal) Rachel tells her that she was able to get rid of her dad, something that Rose has yet to do.

Dick has Gar monitoring the power grid and questions him about Rchel and why she looked upset earlier but Gar plays it off as nother, just training.

In a scene with Dr. light and Deathstorke we are made aware of their alliance in bringing down the Titans. Dr. Light is more of a guns blazing character, where Deathstroke takes it to the psychological level wainting to study their moves and break them down one by one. This could be why the older Titans have such hesitation about coming back into the fold. We see this play out with Hank and Dawn when Hank ponders about maybe giving the Titans thing another chance. Dawn’s fear is that he cannot be a Titan or any hero type without also using and being an addict. Hank though is conflicted because he feels like this is his purpose.

Simarlirly Donna and Dick have a conversation about Dick’s intentions for the team and that he should be telling them about their past, their ghosts, so the new recruits know what they are in for. Dick though wants to leave the past buried even though the past is coming for them.

Gar who has been monitoring the power grid finally gets a hit, Jason is eager to go but is told to stay behind with only Hank, Dawn, Dick and Donna going to the stadium. In the showdown, Dr. Light does get away when Dick chooses to save a bus full of people instead of getting Dr. Light. This has Hank, who was badly burned upset at first but they later make amends.

Jason upset that he wasn’t allowed to go and Dr. Light wasn’t caught decides that he now is going out and no one can stop him forcing Dick to have to put him down in front of both Rachel and Gar.

Later Dick is training when he is joined by Rose. She thinks that a lot of the drama going on in the house is because of her and her ability to break everything she touches. I liked the fight with them in training. When his staff broken and he used it in the two hand style really was peek at how he will be fighting once he becomes Nightwing.

Jason and Gar meanwhile are back to monitoring the power grid. When Jason noticed a black out in the tunnels they tab into another system to see that is where Dr. Light is hiding. Instead of calling Dick this time, Jason talks Gar into going alone to check it out. Of course, a quick look is never really just a quick look. When Jason stumbled onto Dr. Light. Jason fights him really well but that is short lived because Dr. Light wasn’t the only one in the tunnels. Deathstroke is there as well. When Gar hears the scream he checks it out and Jason is gone.

Kory is still separate from the group this episode and with the Faddei, a member of the royal guard sent bring Kory back to her home on Tamerian for her royal duties as future Queen. In the last episode she was knocked out and taken but this episode they are a little more friendly. When talking to him we learn a few things. Faddei was once her lover and was sent not by her parents, but her sister Blackfire. Kory does touch in with Donna but Donna tells her that everything is good there. Kory does ask for Donna to keep an eye on Rachel though.

Even more talking reveals that Kory likes being on Earth and isn’t looking forward to returning to home and her duties. She even flirts the idea to Faddei that here on Earth she can be with whoever she wants, something they couldn’t do on Tamerian. This conversation ends for the time being with Faddei stealing a necklace for her.

As the episode goes on Kory knows that she should probably return to Tameran, if she doesn’t more guards will come for her and if Faddei fails his mission to bring her back he will be punished with death. They even make it back to her ship but when Rachel calls to and tells her about her powers and the feeling that something is not okay, Kory abandons going home and locks Faddei in her ship to return to Rachel. I really like the relationship that these two have developed.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

In all, I really liked this episode. There is this looming feeling that they have created talking about the past but haven’t revealed much keeping us on the edge of out seat. I am excited that Kory is coming back to the group and that this is going to most likely lead to Blackfire’s appearance on the show. The moment when Deathstroke appeared behind Jason was probably my favorite and am hoping to see more Deathstroke in the next coming epiosdes.

Next episode will be the introduction of Aqualad, we have seen him hinted at over the last three episodes as he was also a member of the original Titans. I expect some good backstory and him being pulled in by Deathstroke or Dr. Light.

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