‘Pennywoth’ Episode 9 “Alma Cogan” Breakdown and Review!

With one week left to go, Pennyworth really ramped up the stakes this episode and not just for Alfred, but everyone involved. At the end of last episode Alfred was surrounded at Esme’s grave after killing Captain Curzon. However, Because Curzon was the son of a high lord, the Prime Minister promised the Lord that Alfred was going to be taken care of and that Curzon was safe. This means that the Prime Minister lost the support of High Lord Smyth, throwing England into the cusp of civil war.

Alfred is pressed for who helped him kill Curzon. Obviously, the Inspector watched her help not realizing that this was Bet. Since Bet is in close with Harwood this really adds another level although unintended. It could be construed then that the Raven Society may have been involved with the High Lord’s son’s death. Alfred though refuses to crack under the pressure and is sentenced to jail time. Alfred has a few moments with his parents and his father is surprisingly cool with everything. In Jail, Alfie’s first move is to make his way to the top.

The Prime Minister, who no longer has majority favor because of High Lord Smyth, is now forced to announce an election for the general public on who will either keep or take the place of the Prime Minister position and surprisingly he opens the election to all parties including the No Names and Ravens.

Lord Harwood returns to his home now that he is no longer in hiding and his wife and the staff seem not so happy about it, even terrified. He brings in the Duke and Duchess, who we know that he is planning to use against the Queen as leverage for her support. If she is fear of losing her position then she will side with the Ravens. The Duke and his wife though prove hard to satisfy much to Frances Gaunt’s displeasure.

When Udine Twaite makes her tv debut in her quest to be elected for the No Names, Harwood is instantly turned off by the message of hope but with Bet and Peg’s perspective that she gets sympathy, it is enough for Harwood to reevaluate the situation. Now Harwood thinks that he should make a pact with Twaite to split seats in parliament and work together to overthrow the Prime Minister.

The Inspector gets word of this pact and informs the Prime Minister who is very worried about what this could mean for him. Not only would a pact ensure the victory of the Ravens and No Names, but they also have a Military faction (The ones that helped Alfred track down Curzon) but he has the leverage of the Duke as well.

All of this puts in motion the big scene at the end. Thomas and Martha have been spending time together and you can see that she is bringing him out of his shell more and more. He though is ready to return to work and she wants to join him. He thinks that she is not ready and should stay out of what is about to get very heated. When he meets with Udine, he is given the mission to meet with the Raven Society for their terms of the pact and what seats she wants. Martha joins them unannounced and Udine then makes sure that Martha is going with Thomas to this meeting.

With Alfred, he is now top dog in jail but gets a few visitors. The first is Sandra who is bringing a message from Dave Boy and Bazza about a plan to escape here. Alfred says no though, he does not want a blood bath and he will figure his own way out. This comes from the Inspector who later visits him after his meeting with the Prime Minister. Alfred will be allowed his freedom by hitting a certain target for the government. That target being Lord Harwood. He tells Alfred about the Duke too and Alfred thinks maybe the Duke would be a good target but the Inspector thinks that they should steer clear of hitting royalty.

Alfred arrives back home to wait for further instruction obviously taking the deal that the Inspector offered. Obviously, his mom and dad and happy to have him home. Dave Boy and Bazza are happy too when there plan to break out Alfie is interrupted by Alfie. They know though that Alfred is only out with a catch, even though they did spend quite a bit of time celebrating his return home. Alfred admits that he must kill someone but doesn’t tell them who yet, but they agree to help.

That night Alfred gets the call that the hit will be the next morning. His mom is worried knowing that Alfred is obviously involved with some dangerous people. She tells Alfred that his father is sick with cancer even though we saw earlier that he didn’t want Alfred knowing.

The next morning, we see that Thomas and Martha are ready and leave for the meeting in a white car. Then Alfred is in position with Dave Boy and Bazza. The Inspector is calling them in information from another location and tells him that he needs to take out both Lord Harwood who is arriving in a black car and two other No Name Leaguers that are arriving in a white car. This makes the No Name League a cover story.

I think that it is interesting that Bet decided to stay in the car because the Inspector surely would have recognized her and may have also swayed Alfred a little early. The real think that hold Alfred back is that the No Name people are Thomas and Martha and he refuses to kill them. This has the inspector going with plan b and Alfred working against the police to give both Harwood and Thomas and Martha room to get out. This though has him packing and leaving London.

Thomas and Martha seem to bond over the near-death experience with a laugh but Harwood takes this personally and looks to employ his military faction to take out the Prime Minister. They will only do so by getting the Queen’s support which Harwood acquires by force.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I love that things are starting to come together and all of the pieces are starting to make sense. I used to think that Thomas and Martha were awkward together but I think that there shared expereinces are starting to bring them closer, how can you not ship Batman’s parents anyway? Alfred on the run is a little sad but he sacrificed his life as he knew it for Thomas and Martha’s life which I think definitly holds meaning. I am anxious to see how the Harwood Vs. Prim Minister shakes out in the finale!

You can check out Pennyworth on Epix on Sundays at 9 P.M. EST

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