The Unstoppable Wasp Vol. 1: Unstoppable! Breakdown and Review!

Hey Everyone, welcome back for my Marvel Monday breakdown! This week I am back sliding a bit only because I have already broken down the Ant-Man and The Wasp Vol. 1 which takes place after the comic I am about to breakdown. However, I think to understand the next volume this one is one that needs to at least be mentioned and I covers a ton of backstory

This Issue starts with Nadia ending up in a fight and teaming with both Ms. Marvel and Mockingbird, which ends up giving Nadia her goal in creating G.I.R.L. At this point though she is just working through her immigration status in the U.S. after fleeing the Red Room. Mostly she just must prove that she is in fact Hank Pym’s daughter.

The fight though, starts with Megazord who attacks Manhattan. Nadia is amazed when Mockingbird joins in (The former wife of Hawkeye, the boy) who works for SHIELD (Who doesn’t at this point!) The end up taking out this Megazord with Nadia creating a distraction up top while the others take out the legs (yes, just like Empire Strikes Back) I loved that Nadia’s way of causing a distraction was to trick Monica Rappaccini (The controller) and make the robot dance. Monica isn’t just a villain here but also a brilliant mind, which Nadia points out. She did great work with Gamma Radiation after Bruce Banner and Hank Pym. After bringing down the robot, Monica slips away with her phasing belt.

When talking with Mockingbird, she learns that she just isn’t the wife of Hawkeye but also a famed scientist in her own right even though no one seems to remember her like that. Barbara Mores was a biologist involved with several projects and even almost replicated the super soldier serum. She praises Nadia for her quick thinking and overall intelligence and then goes on to say that she should make this “list” SHIELD has with the word’s smartest people. Although, like she says, this seems to be more of a boy’s club of old with their protégés mixed in. Barbara is called away by Maria Hill but has already planted this seen in Nadia to find other brilliant girls like herself.

Issue #2 begins the hunt for these exceptional girls. Nadia is awoken by the phone at her father’s old house and can listen to her dad’s voice. I love the part about Scott Lang and him owing Hank money. One the phone though is Jarvis who is the Avengers butler but quickly becomes Nadia’s chaperone. He is supposed to be taking her to her lawyer but instead ends up search New York City.

The first stop in Washington Heights is for Taina Miranda who is a disabled robot inventor with a sister who is seriously talented at Lacrosse.  Nadia not only promises to be able to get Taina some parts from Tony Stark but also makes the pitch for the GIRL group to which Taina instantly accepts.

Next on the list is someone that wasn’t on the list until Taina mentioned her. Lunelle, better known as Moon Girl, was not only recently added to the list of smart people but is right at the top and only nine years old. Lunelle doesn’t take kindly to Nadia at first but after fighting a giant rat together they begin to see a little more eye to eye. Lunelle denies being in the GIRL program because her plate is already to full.

During the fight with the rat, Nadia had found a red ring in the mouth of the rat, something that it familiar to her. This is an invention that she was a cocreator on in the Red Room with her only friend Ying. She uses the ring to trace it back to her.

The start of issue #3 has Ying explaining that she is here to bring Nadia back to the Red Room, that Mother wants her. She apologizes and leaves just as they are attacked again, this time by a giant raccoon. Lunelle this time gets help from her T-Rex, Devil Dinosaur.

When leaving Lunelle, she gets in the car and a call from Janet about missing her appointment with her lawyer Matt Murdock (Yes, THAT Matt Murdock) Nadia admits to skipping out but that she will be there tomorrow.

For the next recruit, Nadia literally catches her out of the air as she shoots herself through her apartment wall attempting to make a teleporter. The girl is Lashayla “Shay” Smith and she is gifted in physics and created this teleporter to have more time with her mother, who moves away, and her father, who works long hours. When her dad arrives home, he is at first upset about the wall and then happy to hear about her being recruited.

The last recruit is a little harder to persuade. Priya isn’t interested in joining because she wants more than anything to just fit in. However, when Nadia steps in to fight over two enforcers coming for protection money, Poundcakes and Letha, Priya agrees to join Nadia. Personally, Poundcakes was one of my favorite things about this volume.

Now in issue #4, Nadia is upset about how things went down with the two wrestlers and thinks she could have talked them down better. Jarvis though is there for the moral support and reminds her of all the success she had today.

The next morning, she heads to Matt Murdock’s office to figure out her citizenship. Although she is Hank Pym’s daughter, she must be able to prove that with DNA for it to work. While they look for something of Hank’s to compare for Nadia, he thinks that the best approach would be to talk about what she is fleeing, what happened to her in the Red Room. She is open about talking about it and agrees to do so but with Ying already sent after her, she worries about what could happen if she narked.

When leaving Matt’s office, she hears a cry for help which turns into a trap from Ying. She uses another ring on her which aggravates the Pym Particles in her system and paralyzes her. She tells Nadia that she is going to take her back to a special place at the Red Room where she will not be able to escape. Jarvis steps in and talks with Ying and tells her that this situation would kill Nadia, and that Nadia planned on returning to the Red Room for Ying. This pulls on Ying and she releases Nadia who now urges with Ying to come with her. The issue is the bomb that has been implanted in Ying’s head that will go off in her failure to extract and return Nadia.

Issue # 5 has Nadia calling in the team to defuse this bomb inside Ying. They work through the night and are awaken the next morning by the arrival of Matt Murdock. They tell him about the situation, and he suggests calling in the Avengers, but Ying knows that the attention will alert Mother and she will set off the bomb. Just then all the cell phones go off. Mother is on the line and she wants to talk with Nadia.

Mother offers for Ying to walk free from the Red Room if Nadia will turn herself in. Nadia agrees to this but has a plan up her sleeve.

Issue #6 is the plan in action, Nadia heading to Mother after saying goodbye to the girls and Matt. Matt then goes for a “walk around the block” while the girls work on a way to extract the bomb from Ying. When the bomb is no longer a treat, they will alert Nadia and if she isn’t already in the clutches of Mother than she can flee.

The girls come up with the idea to change the density of the bomb, much like the way that Vision is about to move through walls. Together they use some of Hank’s old tech to build a pair of gloves. Meanwhile, Nadia comes face to face with Mother, who is like a Cyborg put together with bits and pieces. She admits to Nadia that the Red Room was destroyed by Black Widow but that the Science Class is still operational. That she must choose between the ring and saving Ying (Yes, that Rhymes).

The girls do extract the bomb from Ying just as the countdown is ending. Mother sets off the bomb as Shay throws it outside. However, the girls are more in danger than they though, there are Red Room soldiers closing in on the house. After the explosion they open fire. With the bomb removes though Nadia sets off an EMP disabling Mother so she can leave to help fight off the soldiers.

When she arrives at the house, she gets help from Daredevil himself. However, just when it all seems to be over Ying passes out in Nadia’s arms.

Issues #7 and #8 both take place from the perspective of Janet Van Dyne, Nadia’s “Step-Mom”. She gets the call in the middle of the night from Matt Murdock right before the bomb explosion and she rushes over and arrives just after Ying passes out. Nadia is in some kind of state suspecting everyone of being from the Red Room there to get her and Ying. When Janet arrives, she tries to calm Nadia and stop her from going to the hospital and as a result Nadia punches her in the face. She then takes off to the hospital.

Janet pulls herself together and heads to the hospital. Nadia is still in a panic when Janet arrives, but this time Janet can calm her by verifying the identity of the workers. Nadia breaks down and apologizes for hitting Janet and then vents to her about everything that has happened. To add to that all the girls have had to drop her GIRL program because their parents are upset.

After Nadia falls asleep Janet begins to make calls to get things done, her true superpower. She calls Senators, parents, wardens, old friends and more until she has an unexpected former stalker show. Whirlwind with his new partner Beetle. This ends up waking Nadia. They work together and trick Beetle into blasting them after Nadia shrunk and messed with the wiring in her suit resulting in her shooting backwards into a vending machine. Ying also eventually flies out there to help but at that point it is well under control.

Then to Issue #8, Nadia has an extra big day ahead with all the planning that Janet put in place the day before. First, they head to prison where Janet has worked out the release of Poundcakes and Letha on the condition that they work security for Nadia with the bonus that they will be backed to continue their own dream of being wrestlers.

Nadia then heads to Pym Labs where she is shown a video of her father Hank and her mother Maria. This is the first time that she has seen her mother at all making this very emotional. The big part of the video was that they were extracting his DNA in case something went wrong with his work.  It just so happens that they still have this DNA so they will be able to confirm Nadia’s identity.

After that three limos pull up bring all of the girls back with permission from their parents to work here at Pym labs for the GIRL project that now takes up the old A.I. Floor (Yes, the one where Ultron was created) This will be Nadia’s and Ying’s new home but the other girls also have room in case they have permission when working on projects to stay. Oh, and they lab mentor is none other than Nadia’s inspiration Barbara Morse.

After all this Nadia takes them to be fitted for dresses for the gala reveal of this new Pym project. However, the gossip here takes this a step back for Nadia. She overhears about the time that Hank hit Janet and is upset that she has been idolizing her father and that Janet has been helping her. Janet talks with her about it and explains the circumstances to her and that she has forgiven Hank for what he did at that time.

In the last section of the issue we see that Nadia is given the chose to choose her last name and while it would be Pym, she decides that since she never knew her parents, she wants a name that means something to her. So, she asks Janet is she can take the Van Dyne name, which Janet enthusiastically accepts.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I really liked this comic mostly for it’s simplicity and that is really is opening Marvel up to have more unique female characters, something I always thought DC had over Marvel. (No offense meant) If you have a pre-teen or teenage daughter that is looking at reading comics, this is a good starting point. My daughter read it when she was 10 and loved it!

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