‘Pennyworth’ Episode 8 “Sandie Shaw” Breakdown and Review!

In this week’s episode of Pennyworth, the plot gets even thicker with both Alfred and England as a whole. Alfred is in deep and looking for Captain Curzon, the man that killed Esme. Even though the Captain already escaped from Alfred once, he did make an important ally in the effort. Bet. The start of this episode has them meeting for Coffee. She admits not only that she too loved Esme but that she was at the flat the night she was killed. She tells him that she witnessed a woman going into the apartment with the man and that they had a set of keys to unlock the doors. This is new information to Alfred and gets him up and moving.

They head to the estate agent’s office. Bet is always first to start roughing people up, but Alfred is able to get from him that they lent out keys quite often and that it is a normal procedure. He also tells Alfred that the police had already been told this which proves to Alfred that the police covered for Esme’s killer.

Meanwhile, the Raven Society is planning a gathering and posting signs all over London. The Prime Minister is upset about this as Raven Society wants to essentially overthrow the establishment. He is ready to forcibly stop the gathering but the Queen things that would be to oppressive and forbids it. Also, in this conversation we have the first mention of the Queen’s Uncle, Duke of Windemere. There is some truth to what Gaunt mentions here. After King George V’s death in, Prince Edward was next in line for the Throne and did rule. However, because of his marriage to an American Divorcee (Which was forbidden) he abdicated the throne and rule was passed to Queen Elizabeth. There are rumors that the Duke was a supporter of Adolf Hitler which seems to be something that will be talked about in the show. I guess the point of bringing it up to the Queen is that there is someone out there that could replace her if need be.

Later we see Gaunt and Harwood have the same argument as she works on her speech for the gathering. Harwood is ready for blood starting with the Prime Minister, but they are unsure what to do about the Queen. They need her support but also need to control her. They talk about everything I just mentioned concerning the Duke. Gaunt is against bringing the Duke in.

With this gathering being announced, Twaite and Ripper, the leaders of the No Name League are curious how this effects their truce and if they should do anything in response. For now, Ripper’s advice is to stand back and watch. The announcement of the gathering also reaches the pub that Dave Boy, Bazza and Alfred frequent but the message isn’t received well when it interrupts their football match.

Alfred does show here to give Bazza and Dave-boy the job of tracking down Mr. Pike. She was the woman that they talked to last episode that cleans for Captain Curzon. While they are doing that, Alfred is going to talk to the police.

Alfred talks with Inspector Aziz about Esme’s killer and the cover up. Aziz admits that there is a cover up but because Captain Curzon is the bastard son of a High Lord and therefore protected. Alfred wants to know where to find Curzon now, while Aziz doesn’t know he says that he can get him for Alfred.

The next scene is quite the interesting mix of plots. Dinner at Lord Smytth’s with the Prime Minister. However, Smytth is also Alfred’s dad’s employer who we learned is a member of the Raven Society. It just gets thicker though when there is a call for the Prime Minister from the Inspector. After Dinner Smytth, Aziz, and the Prime Minister all meet, and it turns out that Captain Curzon is the bastard son of Lord Smytth. This makes Esme’s killer Alfred’s dad’s boss…. This meeting doesn’t shape up well for Alfred as they all agree that he needs to be taken out. I think it is interesting that the Inspector never mentions Alfred’s name because I think that would have changed this meeting. I mean, Alfred has already had a run in with the Prime Minister back when he took down Lord Harwood. In exchange for the Prime Minister working to kill Alfred Smytth pledges him his vote.

Thomas and Martha are only in this episode briefly and it is mostly to yell at each other. Thomas is still dealing with what he saw at Crowley’s last episode. When Martha arrives, she lets Thomas know that she doesn’t have a problem with the CIA thing and that she likes it better that he does work for the CIA. Thomas still denies that he is involved with the CIA. There is a minute where they jab at each other about their abilities and value but in the end, they see eye to eye and agree to continue to work with each other.

Alfred gets the call from the Inspector that Captain Curzon is gift wrapped for him and to come alone. Alfred takes his gun, something he swore off and heads out while his father heads out for the Raven Gathering.

When Alfred arrives at the location, he knows that he is walking into a trap and calls out the inspector. There is a stand off when Alfred makes it clear that he could kill both Curzon and some of Aziz’s men before they took down Alfred. Aziz goes to make the call to shoot Alfred but Bet steps in with a knife to Aziz’s throat leveling the playing field. With the police now unarmed there is a debate between Bet and Alfred on how to handle Curzon. Bet wants to take her time torturing him but Alfred settles the argument by killing both Curzon and his nanny Mrs. Pike. Alfred leaves immediately with Bet staying behind to clean up the mess with the Inspector watching.

At the Raven Rally, the only familiar face in the crowd is that of Mr. Pennyworth. Gaunt makes her speech about bring the country back to glory in a new dawn. Then she goes on to talk about Lord Harwood, how the crown and government feared him which led to his torture. She then shockingly announces her resignation and calls out Lord Harwood as their new leader.

This is pretty shocking for everyone from Ripper, Twaite and the No Name League to Thomas and Martha, but mostly for the Prime Minister. He calls in the brigade to break up the meeting and arrest Harwood. As Harwood is speaking the brigade move in and start beating all in attendance until Harwood calls for them to stop in the name of England. This shows his strength and authority to the people of England, especially since the whole scene was televised.

That evening, Mrs. Pennyworth is cleaning up Mr. Pennyworth when Alfred comes home. They don’t mention that Mr. Pennyworth was clogged at the Raven Rally and he doesn’t mention that he is now a cold-blooded killer, but they do all share a group hug.

The Queen is pretty upset with the Prime Minister since she was told by him that Harwood was dead, and they are working to figure out what to do next. Harwood knows exactly what to do next and calls in the Duke to talk about him supporting Harwood and then using the Duke to control the Queen.

In the last scene of the episode, Alfred goes to Esme’s grave where he talks to her, but it turns out he isn’t alone. The inspector shows and has a squad holding him at gunpoint.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I think that this was a great epiosde. The political intrigue is at an all time high and you can really get the sense that Harwood back in the game is the match that will explose this powder keg. With two more episodes, I am excited to see how this all shakes out.

You can watch Pennyworth on Epix, Sunday nights at 9pm!

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