‘Titans’ Season 2, Episode 2 “Rose” Breakdown and Review!

Last episode we saw some of the Titans go their separate ways after Trigon was defeated, however, that didn’t mean they were going to stay gone. Already in episode two they are beginning to find reasons to come back together.

Three months have passed since the end of last episode and things are about the same in San Francisco. Rachel and Dick talk about the name for their new group but Dick says that he doesn’t feel that it matters if they are out doing what needs to be done. Although, right now that isn’t happening. He is keeping the kiddos on training until he thinks that they are read to head to the streets to help.

Jason is ready to head back to Gotham now and take back his place as Bruce’s sidekick, but Dick reminds him about his previous escapades with the motorcycle in the manor among other things. Both Bruce and Dick feel like Jason just isn’t ready to head back to Gotham just yet. Not only that but Dick would like for Jason to become a role model to the others since he has the most experience.

Meanwhile, at San Quentin prison located in San Francisco it seems like an old rival of the Titans has escaped. Arthur Light AKA Dr. Light has the powers of Photokinesis meaning he can control and manipulate light. He kills the guard and then he is out of there.

In Wyoming, Hank and Dawn are living the peaceful life with Hank working with kids that have been addicted to drug. Hank is also clean and sober after they decided that the hero life wasn’t working for them anymore since Dawn spent a large chunk of last season in a coma. They do talk about Dick and that he has called them to come to Titans tower and check things out. Hank is willing to go since he feels he is in a good place, but Dawn is a little hesitant and wonders if Hank can handle it. Later that night we see them cozied up by the fire and they talk about Ellis one of the kids Hank is looking after. The fear is that his friends are coming back around and asking him to party. Dawn thinks they should have him stay but Hank thinks that they need to let him learn to make his own health choices.

Then Kory and Donna have teamed up and are currently looking for Shimmer based on information given the them by Roy Harper. Kory admits to liking Earth better than Tameran because it is a young planet and her life isn’t planned out for her. They talk about Dick, but he has not called either one of them.

Now we get to meet out second new character of this episode, and who the episode is named after. Rose is being followed by the police after stealing a car. The Titans get wind of this when seeing the Helicopter. This interrupted a conversation with Rachel and Gar where she talks with him about how she feels different now. She is afraid to tell Dick thought because she doesn’t want him to think that he is a failure or worry about it. She did have a dream we already saw with her powers coming out that then left scratches on her.

Dick does though become concerned about Rose when they watch her fight on the TV and then jump off the roof of a building. He goes out looking for her and finds her passed out in an alley. He takes her back to Titans Tower.

While that is happening, back in Wyoming, Dawn takes some things into her own hands as Dove. She takes out the local Meth lab that is run by Ellis’s old friends. When she returns home though Hank is waiting up for her and upset that she is going out as Dove and going alone. He reminds her about her coma and that there is no future for them if there is Hawk and Dove. She then spins this back on him, like this is just something he couldn’t handle. The argument though is cut short when they receive a message from Dr. Light in the form of Ellis, who then blows up. They get to safety and call Dick to warn him and then head his way.

Dick already has his hands full with Rose when she finally wakes. She doesn’t have any interest in talking to him, staying or even telling him her name. She just wants to leave but Dick picks up that she is being hunted and she is scared. She even makes the comment that “He’ll kill you”

Raven, Gar and Dick talk and wonder if they will get a vote in her staying or not. Raven likes the idea of taking in another person. They think that she may be a Meta and that she also has some fighting training. Rachel later talks with Dick about it and pushes for him to have her stay, his dilemma is that when Rachel came to him, she wanted help, Rose does not want help.

This has Dick looking to Bruce Wayne for advice. He suggests learning more about the girl and going from there, but Dick want it to be on her terms. He asks if Bruce ever regretted taking him in and he says that he would di it all again. Awww….

Kory and Donna finally get some action too. They think that their stake out is a bust until they head to get food. They run directly into Shimmer but between the two of them they easily take her out and get her in custody. After that, Kory heads to get them food but she is approached by another Tameran who knocks her out and takes her leaving Donna wondering where she went. Donna then gets a call from Dawn telling her about Dr. Light.

In the final scenes, Dick takes Rose out of the tower and is going to drop her off. They have a brief talk and she finally admits that her name is Rose. He offers again to help her and that the other kids there are like her, that is better for them to have a home. He gives her a phone with his number but before they separate a light bomb in the back goes off making them both must run and take cover.

While Dick is gone with Rose, Gar and Jason takes the opportunity to look up their mystery Rose and discover that she is Rose Wilson, daughter of Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I think for an epiosde that should have served as the first epiosde of the season this was great. I really enjoyed both seeing where our heroes have been and how they have changed. There is a lot of ground work laid out here with Shimmer, Dr. Light, Rose Wilson, Slade Wilson and the Tameran all popping up this episode. I like a show that has several stories happening at once, especially if they are all interesting.

One thing I didn’t mention was the Aqualad name drop, eventually we are going to see both Superboy and Aqualad this season. I anticipate for Aqualad to be hunted by Dr. Light bringing him into the fold. Superboy would now be out of Cadmus lab for about 3 months so he should be popping up soon too.

If you are interested in watching Titans, you can find it on the DC Universe Streaming Site every Friday!

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