‘Pennyworth’ Episode 7 “Julie Christie” Breakdown!

This was certainly an interesting episode after a week break. In the last episode we left off with Martha waking naked in the middle of no where after she has gone to a part with Patricia Wayne, Thomas’s sister. Alfred also learned that Esme’s killer was his old Captain in the military, who was angry with him for poking fun at him.

This episode opens with Martha returning home to an angry Thomas Wayne. At first, she finds him to be overreacting until she realizes that it has been three days and there has also been no word from Patricia. Martha leads him back to Aleister Crowley’s home. Jason Ripper again is in the home and seems to be the butler or servant Crowley. You’ll remember that he was the nephew of the Ripper that Alfred is now associated with after freeing Shandra from the bar from Jason’s grasp. Jason kind of pushes her by recalling their time together but Crawley does appear. Thomas wants to call the police unless he produces Patricia who Crowley admits is upstairs. After getting her, she looks happy and healthy and claims she wants to stay.

After some arguing he takes Patricia aside. Here she continues to say that she is happy and implies, like Martha did, that Thomas only cares about the Wayne name and not anything else. Inside Jason and Aleister continue to tell Martha that everything she did in the three days she wanted and of her own accord. When Thomas returns telling them that Patricia is staying, Martha gets upset and Thomas ends up leaving her on the sidewalk.

Later Martha begins to remember things that happened in her three unaccounted for days. She heads back to Thomas and urgently pleads with Thomas that they need to go get his sister from the house. They return to the house with Thomas attempting to pay off Crowley for Patricia. However, Crowley isn’t interested in money, he wants Thomas’s soul instead. While Thomas thinks that this is absurd, he does eventually agree to at least “Talk to the man in charge” aka the Devil. I enjoyed that Crowley knew that Thomas works for the CIA and Thomas tried to deny it, but no one was buying it. The goal of Thomas trading in his soul is that Crowley wants to reveal the beast inside of Thomas.

In the basement for this meeting, Thomas is shown a video of sexual acts. I really like the filming of this scene and how the imagine flicker across his face as his expression become entranced. Very good cinematography and acting. Eventually, Thomas wants the movie stopped and when Jason doesn’t respond fast enough Thomas begins beating him as the beast inside has indeed been unleashed. Not that Jason doesn’t deserve it but is alarming when the trance is broken, and Thomas is covered in blood.

Thomas comes out of the basement grabs Patricia and heads out with Crowley commanding her to go with her family. After Thomas makes both Patricia and Martha not to talk about this and will not admit to seeing the Devil.

Alfred this episode is still reeling from Esme’s death and is on a mission to bring down her killer, his former Captain. When searching the address, they find the Captain’s personal effects and Esme’s ring pinned to his uniform but there isn’t any sign of the Captain being there. They question the cleaning lady but don’t get any useful information from her.

Meanwhile, Harwood and Peg head to see the leader of the Raven Society Frances Guant. She is of course shocked to see that he is alive, and it seems that she thinks that maybe some of his ideas are a little harsh, especially after just establishing peace with Twaite and the No Name League. She is also quite concerned about him being caught and arrested again.

Alfred at home is cleaning Esme’s ring when his father comes in and they seem to have a special bonding moment where his father admits that Esme would have been a good daughter in law. Alfred then heads to an officer’s lounge looking for Captain Curzo, or any information about it. He finds it difficult to get information because one Officer doesn’t want to nark on another but when leaving he is approached by a man willing to help. He is told that he will be sent the address for Curzo at the pub.

While at the pub, the barkeeper is curious about what is going on with his daughter Sandra and Alfred. Not sure if he knows that they slept together but obviously something happened. After some waiting, they are met by the guard from the Officer’s club and given an address and room number where he can find the Captain. Bazza and Dave Boy want to go as back up, but Alfred insists that this is a one-man job.

It doesn’t really pan out that way because Bet gets word that Alfred knows who killed Esme and where to find him. So surprisingly she is there when Alfred shows and their conversation tips off the captain that they are there. They still find him and chase him, but he does get away.

The last scene of this episode I thought was a little more shocking than it initially seemed. Guant is rallying the Raven Society troops which is all fine and dandy, but Alfred’s father is in attendance! Something I don’t think any of us saw coming and thickens the plot a layer or two.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I really enjoyed the inclusion of Thomas and Martha this episode even though it seems like their story out shines Alfred’s. I think that this adds another layer and depth to a show we thought was going to be all about a “butler”. I personally think that all of these seperate plots really are all one intricate one with someone at the top pulling the strings. Guess we will wait for that. I also think it is going to be a mess when Alfred learns that his father is Raven Society!

If you want to check out Pennyworth, it airs on Epix, Sunday night at 9P.M.!

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