‘Titans’ Season 2 Episode 1 “Trigon” Breakdown!

This Friday DC Universe Streaming service kicked off season 2 with finale of the Trigon story. I am sure most of you know that this episode was intended to be the season finale of last season but in a last-minute decision was postponed to season 2.

At the start of this episode we are right in the exact moments after Dick accepted the darkness that was inside him after Trigon played about in his mind for a bit. The next thing that dear old dad does is ground Rachel and take her powers. He gives her the choice now to either accept him now or let this end in heartache and of course she chooses to do it the hard way. Rachel and Gar take off running through the house looking for an escape.

Rachel’s heartbreak is the key to Trigon taking over the Earth, so I feel like no matter what this would have gone the “hard way”. Over with Jason Todd, he has been left alone in Wayne Manor and acts accordingly by racing his motor bike in the house. After crashing, Hawk and Dove arrive after Dawn was pulled out of her Coma but Rachel in last season’s finale. They assume that they have been called here to get Batman, but he isn’t here now. Jason is eager to help but him and Hank are not jiving right away, and he takes a hard pass. He does weasel his way in though after mentioning the second tracker in Dick Grayson.

Donna Troy and Kory are already at Rachel’s with Kory attempting to black trough this shield that Trigon has up. She isn’t able to get through and her and Donna end up in an argument about getting through right as Hank, Dawn and Jason arrive. They explain about Dawn’s message from Rachel and that she wanted Jason but, like Hank suggest…. maybe they needed Superman?

Inside Rachel and Gar are making a run for it after concluding that Rachel’s dad is an asshole. Trigon sends Dick after them leading them into tunnels through the house. While that is happening, Trigon opens this shield around the house to let the others in. Of course, this is a trap and each of them end up in a test given and altered by Trigon.

For Kory, her test is whether she would continue with her original mission and kill Rachel. Rachel in the vision pushes for Kory to kill her to end Trigon and in the end that is what Kory does. For Donna, we learn about her past and the death of her father in a fire. When confronted with the arsonist that set the fire she attacks and kills him. Jason Todd’s runs off the tail end of Dick Grayson’s test. Dick has just killed Batman, now what? Jason and Dick fight with Dick telling him he will turn into Batman so he must be eliminated as well. This leads Jason killing Dick with the same gun that was used to kill Batman’s parents! Poor Hank and Dawn have a shared vision where they both give into drugs instead of becoming the heroes that they do.

Now that all of Rachel’s friends have been turned except for Gar, this leads them back to the room with Trigon and the Titans under his control. He has them all turn on Gar to break Rachel. She pleads with Dick to make it stop and tries to remind him of Detroit and how they promised to help each other. It appears at first like this might be working but then he chokes and throws Gar.

This leads to Rachel’s heartbreak and Trigon takes out her heart and extracts the stone, then placing it on her forehead. She is now also embracing her dark side

Trigon moves on with his plan for domination but going outside, killing mom, and then turning the world to ashes around him. Oh, and did I mention he is in his true form now. While he is busy with that Gar has reached his snake form achievement and slithers over to Rachel who he is able to get through to and pull her out of Trigon’s spell.

Rachel now knows that she really does have to get to Dick to stop her father. That was what her original vision that she had told her. She then reaches out to Dick where they have a shared vision of the circus and the Flying Graysons. When she sets up her fall from the trapeze, Dick is there to save her thus breaking the hold that Trigon has on him.

Now she just needs a minute alone with dear old dad where she makes it clear to him that she is not with his plans for taking over the world. Her “Genetics is Destiny” moment comes when she defeats her father by taking her own true form and he dissolves away. It wasn’t made clear if he is on another plane of existence like before, trapped in the crystal like in the comic and cartoon, or just dead. I imagine this is something we will learn later.

After the fall of Trigon, there is this hilarious scene with Jason Todd, “Titans are back, Bitches!”. However, we then see a chuck of them go back in their separate directions. Hank and Dawn presumably are going back to their home to continue to just be the duo they already have going. Donna will be returning to her life in the city and then Kory wants to learn more about herself and her path on her own. She is a series regular so I imagine we will see this process and see her come back to the group soon.

Dick the goes on to see an old friend, BRUCE FREAKING WAYNE! Now, I personally love Iain Glen bit in Game of Thrones and Resident Evil and was excited to head he would be picking up Batman here. I thought for an older Bruce he was a fantastic choice and seeing him play the part was cool. Dick and Bruce were able to talk with both agreeing to their faults. Dick realizing that Bruce did the best he could with the situation and Bruce recognizing that he could have been better or different. They part of good terms and with a location for the Titans to set up shop. Iain Glen is credited with being in episode 1, 2, and 12 this season so we will see him again.

While we got rid of Trigon and made amends with Bruce Wayne, there are still some problems facing the Titans soon. Slade Wilson (and Wintergreen). We see his introduction. It is set up here that he has history with the former Titans group, presumably Teen Titans. They were also run by Dick with Hawk, Dove and Donna part of the group. After Slade, who has been living alone in a cabin, sees the news story about Trigon he becomes enraged that the Titans have returned. This leads him to picking up the mantle of Deathstroke again.  Just like you guys, I love Arrow’s Deathstroke played by Manu Bennett. However, I am also excited to see Esai Morales play him as well. I think just like the show in general he will be a very brutal version, even more so than on Arrow, although I guess he did kill Moria Queen….

Anyway, in the last clips of we have out first images of Titan Tower, and this would also be the same locations that Teen Titans had. We see this when Gar is in the armory. It is exciting to see the team coming together and having a central location to work from.

What Can We Expect Coming Up?

Well, we are all still biting our nails for Dick Grayson to FINALLY become Nightwing. I expect that to happen sometime this season now that his Robin suit has been burned.

Conor Leslie who plays Donna Troy is also credited for being in every episode this season. I think we will get more of her backstory and finally see her in her suit other than the short moment we had this episode in the armory.

The same goes for Hawk and Dove, both Alan Ritchson and Minka Kelly are in every episode this season. We have already seen quite a bit of their back story, but I think the explosion of their roles will be good to see on the show.

With the next episode entitled Rose, we will see the introduction of Rose Wilson/ Ravager played by Chelsea Zhang. We also had the sneak peak of Superboy in the post credit scene of season 1. With him we saw Krypto and their escape from a Cadmus facility. Joshua Orpin is credited in the next episode whether it will be just a small clip or a larger role this episode is still unknown. Other Characters that have been confirmed to appear this season are Aqualad played by Drew Van Acker, Mercy Graves played by Natalie Gumede, and Jericho played by Chella Man

As soon as there is more content release about the upcoming episode, I will be sure to post it. If you want to check out Titans, you can find it on DC Universe streaming service!

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