‘The Life of Captain Marvel’ Breakdown and Review!

Welcome back to my weekly #marvelmonday comics breakdown! I have been running a bit behind on the schedule the last few weeks but finally am back to posting on Mondays! Just living that crazy mom life. This week we are diving into the origin of the origin of Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel. The official origin at this point is she was given her powers by Mar-Vell when he was killed, apparently those powers are transferable. This is more of a one-off volume only containing 5 issues and then Captain Marvel continues in her Captain Marvel line.

In Issue #1 entitled Trapped, Carol starts out with not so fond memories about her family back at their summer home in Harpswell, Maine. These effect Carol as she is hulking out with the Avengers. Even Tony notices that she is being pretty aggressive. After they fight, she goes back to Stark Labs where he chalks this up to being close to Father’s Day and her troubled feelings about her dad. He passes the advice from his own experience to get it under control before spiraling out. This has Carol heading back to Maine spending time with her Mother and brother Joe Jr.

After talking with her brother at their father’s grave, Joe leaves so she can hash things out her way. That means she punched the head stone to bits. However, a few moments later she hears a crash. Her brother Joe Jr. was involved and is seriously injured.

Nine months pass with Joe in the hospital and Carol staying with her family. This has Tony concerned about her and that the team needs her. When Joe finally comes home, he is still bed bound and hope that he will ever recover is slim. Her mother tells her to go home that she can manage without her, but Carol isn’t ready to leave quite yet. She does though decide to move into her brother’s room. This leads to a discovery of old letter from her father to another woman. Apparently not only was he a drunk but also loved someone else. She also discovered some kind of drive in the box and when trying to break it open activates an alien ship that is now headed to Earth.

In Issue #2, Hunted, Carol remembers her other brother, Steve’s, funeral as she struggles with whether she should tell her mother about the letters. Meanwhile, the spaceship that she activated crash lands in Canada with a Kree inside. Here she seeks the advice of childhood friend Louis, who not only thinks that she should tell her mom but also reveals his crush on her.

When Carol arrives home later with the courage, she has worked up she reveals to her mother the letters she found. The surprise is that her mother knew about the letters and the other woman. She knew that her husband wasn’t perfect.

The Kree woman is still moving closer and has been able to locate the town that the beacon is coming from while carol decides that it is time for her to leave Maine, seeing as Joe has finally woken up.

In Issue #3, Caught, Carol talks with louis about her issues and he then makes the moves on her. They are just about to finally kiss when she hears a strange beeping noise and leave.  Following the sound leads her back to the device she unknowingly activated. Her mother is there also, and she seems to be the only other person that can hear it. She confesses that this device is from the “Other Woman” and carol then throws it into the water by their house. Upset, their mother heads in while Carol and Joe Jr. have a chance to talk. He tells her that he knew about the letters for awhile and even recalls a memory he had of seeing them together. Mentioning the memory, Carol also remembers the strange moment she saw her dad floating while kissing another woman.

In town, the Kree Woman finally makes her move as the orb she sent out begins to wreak havoc on the poor small town. Louis is there to help people and cause a diversion but is really no match for what is happening. Eventually Carol learns about what is happening and comes and helps.

When the fight heads back to Carol’s home, she then discovers that the Kree woman is there for her mother who is then decked out in Kree gear herself.

Issue #4, Challenged, begins with a flashback to her mother or Mari-Ell as a warrior from Hala. Here she is being given the rank of Captain and is the youngest to ever hold the title. It is also on this day that she is sent out on a mission to Earth where her whole life changes.

In the present, Carol discovers that she is really Car-Ell and that her mother is a traitor. Together they fight and injury the Kree Kleaner sending her away for a short time. Now queue dramatic backstory. Turns out that Carol didn’t get her powers from Mar-Vell, they were in her all along but only activated when she was attacked by during Mar-Vell’s death.

I more flashbacks we get the story of how Mari-Ell fell in love with good ol’ Joe from Maine. At first this was just her cover story but as time went on, she fell in love, got married and became pregnant for Car-Ell. After Car-Ell’s birth, Mari-Ell decided that she had to hide her from the Kree so that she would not be raised as a warrior. They moved away and deactivated the tracker on her.

The love letters that Carol found turned out to be from her father Joe to Marie-Ell, apparently Joe was worried about losing the woman he fell in love with since she was now different. (Typical) He was also driven to keep Carol protect and constantly worried about being discovered. This drove him to the drinking and even not allowing for Carol to go on to be an astronaut. That is the decision that ended up pushing Carol away.

Back to the present, The Kree Kleaner comes back and this time with clone drones to help. Carol and her mother fight them together after learning that her mother has been sentence to death by the leader of Hala, Pam’a.

The Kleaner ends up taking Joe Jr. and using him as bait. Mom is able to get Joe while Carol attacks the Kree. They then decide that in other to beat her they are going to need to combine their powers, however the force blows them both back and the Kree uses this opportunity to spear her mother, killing her. After she is dead the Kree leaves as she has fulfilled her duty.

She finds some comfort from Tony that tells her she can continue to take time off, but she insists on coming back. That will be how she can still be close to her mother. A week later she says goodbye to Louis and head back for the stars.

That wraps up this series of Captain Marvel. Like I said in the beginning, it will be a bit before we see her in Captain Marvel Series in my breakdowns, but next week we will be checking out The Unstoppable Wasp!


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I really enjoyed the new back story of Carol Danvers (even though I also liked the original) and her journey to finding out her real identity. For a comic, this was pretty straight forward storytelling with a few flashbacks so, it’s an easy read for those new to comics.

Where to Buy:

The Life of Captain Marvel: https://amzn.to/2ztlI7M

The Unstoppable Wasp: G.I.R.L. Power: https://amzn.to/2lyHlzZ

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