Captain America Vol. 1: Winter in America Breakdown and Review!

Hey Everyone, welcome back for my next installment of my Marvel breakdown series. This week we are looking into Captain America’s struggles after his face was used by Hydra to take over the U.S.

Now Hydra at this point has technically fallen (We know how this goes) but there is some series doubt about Captain America and if he can be trusted. This leads to investigating a deep plot to neutralize Captain America and taking over America by a new power (kind of new-ish).

In the start of Issue #1, we have the introduction of Alexa and Selene which for the most part are the main villains of this volume but lead to a bigger bad at the end of the volume. They not only were not conquered by Hydra but are looking to take over the part of America that was devastated by the fall of Hydra.

In D.C., the story is that the people with the help of the real Captain America took down Hydra, but that doesn’t stop the Nukes from fighting Cap and calling him the “Captain of Nothing” after Hydra used Steve’s face to take over America. Like, I said, there is a severe mistrust of Captain America at this point. Winter Soldier works with Captain America to stop the Nukes with some Starktech that fries the Cyborgs.

After this incident, Captain is greeted by Thaddeus Ross. This name should sound familiar as he is a frequent Hulk Villain. He was in jail, but during the Hydra time he led a group to stop Hydra so is now back to working for the government (like many other villains) He recruits Sharon for a special project and Steve feels like he was not selected because he is not being trusted although Ross says that is not why. He says that this matter just needs a more delicate touch. Steve and Sharon talk about this later and she vows to make whoever is behind this pay even if she cannot share information with Steve.

Selene and Alexa are still in Russia weeding out Hydra and making them pay as Captain continues his fight in Brooklyn. At the start of Issue #2, Steve stops an attack in Chicago by Nukes that would have killed the mayors in the meeting. Instead of being praised for his work, Ross tells him that he needs to stop freelancing. Ross tells him that right now, the world doesn’t remember the “Omaha Captain America”. Sharon tries to talk with Steve about it, that Ross isn’t that bad and that she is leaving to trace a lead he is sending her on. She reminds him though, that for him to be looking for forgiveness, he must forgive himself first.

At the end of Issue #2, Steve is contacted by Black Panther which takes us into Issue #3. After a brief few pages of Sharon in Alberia not trusting the people that Ross sent and attacking them, we have Captain learning more about the Nukes. He talks to some of the locals and learns that after Hydra left a company called Powers Enterprise moved in and helped them off their feet. However, Black Panther has been researching and knows that these coal mines aren’t containing coal, they contain Nukes. T’challa wants his hands-on Zeke Stane who has been causing a mess in Wakanda and is in the mine, but they all feel that Zeke is working for someone else, someone that is close to the government.

They head into the mine with Steve fighting Nukes, Black Panther going after Stane and Okoye going to the Central command unite to shut down the Nukes. After some heavy fighting, Okoye stops the nukes but comes out with the information that they need to find Sharon, she is in trouble. We then see that Sharon is with Selene.

In Issue #4, Sharon is being held and Steve must go in with no help from T’challa or any Wakandains because of treaties. However, Cap goes in knowing that Ross is responsible for this. This is something that we see Steve struggle with, the thought of a soldier betraying his country. This is probably because he has always remained loyal, although most think otherwise. He comes to the resolution that he needs to make America see that he is still the “Omaha Captain America”

While in the base to save Sharon, Cap runs into and fights Taskmaker. We have seen him a few times in other comics, but basically, he mimics who is fighting and he can learn their style instantly. This makes him a pretty tough foe, even for Cap.

Meanwhile, Sharon is with Selene and Alexa where she learns that her imprisonment isn’t just business. Waaaaaaay back in Captain America (2008) Issue #42, Sharon killed Alexa’s love, Aleksander Lukin. This has Issue #4 ending with Cap losing to Taskmaker and Sharon screaming.

In Issue #5, we see the beginning of Power Enterprise after the death of Lukin and the fall of Hydra. Alexa and Selene discuss who to bring in, and while Selene suggest some more powerful people, Alexa only wants a pawn. This is how Ross ends up in the picture.

Taskmaker is still beating Captain America, but Steve pretty quickly beats him by becoming unpredictable. From there, he heads to the room with Sharon, Selene and Alexa. Selene holds him off while her and Alexa escape with Alexa’s portal powers.

Back in Brooklyn, Steve finds out from Bucky that things are a mess. The media has information about Cap working with Black Panther and about his attack on the mine. This was spun to make Cap look bad. Obviously, they know someone is pulling strings. Steve decides to go after Ross, but Bucky thinks that this goes deeper, and we see that it does. Alexa has brought back her husband and he isn’t alone.

In Issue #6, we see Alexa pulling the string before she talks with Alexander about how she was able to bring him back. She used the blood of the person that killed him, Sharon, and the help of her mentor Rasputin. She also tells him about her fight against Hydra while other heroes bent the knee. That this gives her the drive to take over the Americas. Her plan entails killing Captain America but not just as the man, but the dream and belief of Captain America. This plays out when Ross is found murdered and Steve becomes the number one suspect.

This will lead us into Captain America Vol. 2. However, Next week we are going to be jumping over and looking at Captain Marvel in “The Life of Captain Marvel”.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Mostly I really liked this volume. I think that it was a pretty slow mover. I think this is because it focused more on Captain America’s struggles with no longer being trusted. This does play into the story line that people will believe the worst in him , but I think I would have liked to seen more villain time honestly. I still recommend checking it out.

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