‘Pennyworth’ Episode 6 “Cilla Black” Breakdown and Review!

Well, if you were looking for a weird episode of Pennyworth, you certainly liked this episode. Personally, I loved it and enjoy seeing this mystic side that is very present in Batman Comics. I am glad that they are touching on this side of the comics, the show was almost too normal up until now.

Starting out, there are still these protest with the Raven Society and the No Name League, if anything they have increased with the death of Julian Twaite. When watching this on the news, the images of the Prime Minister really set off Lord Harwood, but it also pushes him to remember who he is and that he wants revenge. I imagine with the pacing of this show that we will see this happening soon.

Thomas Wayne has found himself in a situation after he hired someone to kill the leader of the Raven Society for the No Name League but in the turn of events last episode Alfred killed the leader of the No Name League instead. He first confronts Dave Boy and Alfred about what happened. He seems more upset that Alfred won’t admit it was he who killed the No Name Leader, Twaite, than he does about Dave Boy failing to kill the Raven leader, Gaunt. Thomas even guess correctly that it was John Ripper that set Alfred up on this job. This has Thomas in hot water with the agency he really works for, the CIA. To get out of hot water he must set up a truce with the No Names and the Ravens, if not, then he himself must be the one to kill Gaunt.

Alfred on the other hand is ready for his end of his deal with Ripper. John Ripper gives him the name of Baroness Ortsey who is at a local hospital. When he arrives at the hospital and is shown to the Baroness, he is surprised to learn that Ripper has sent him to a witch. Alfred for obvious is skeptical and is rude. She does catch his attention for a minute when she mentions another woman. However, for the information she wants him to return on the full moon with a rose and the left hand of a murderer.

Alfred goes back to Ripper upset but knows better than to threaten him and just expresses his disappointment. At dinner with the fam, his mother is concerned about the anger that Alfred is holding and about spending time with Ripper. Alfred promises that he will get back to work and start over.

Things continue to get interesting for Thomas when his sister arrives back in London and she wants him to give her money. He knows that she cannot be trusted alone and the only person he can think of to look after his sister is Martha. She accepts and they make up the story about her and Thomas being Exes. Patricia ends up talking Martha into a party. The party is at the house of a Satanist who takes and interest in Martha. After having a little fun Martha decides to go, but when leaving she gets lost in all the different rooms that are very…. interesting. Full of sex, drugs and alcohol until she comes back to the first room that is now people standing on either side staring at her. When she walks to the end of the room there is what is supposed to be Satan himself. Hey, I warned you this got weird.

At the meeting with the No Name leader, Twaite and the Raven Leader, Gaunt, things go surprisingly smooth. The hug was weird, but all make it out alive for now and a truce has been met with plans to let the followers know to stop protesting in the streets.

With Alfred, he heads back to work and Thomas shows looking for Martha and his sister, Patricia. Alfred hasn’t seen either and Thomas tells him that he hasn’t seen either of them in two days. Alfred isn’t concerned with this but does get into an argument with a customer of the club that isn’t wanting to pay his tab. Alf ends up taking him out back and, in the fight, cutting off his hand. As the hand and a rose lay on the ground by the reflection of the moon, Alfred realizes he needs to go back to the Baroness.

Alfred gives her the hand which was only meant to prove his dedication. After drinking tea, he falls asleep in the chair and dreams back to his time at war. We have seen most of these images before, just that he embarrassed his Captain and that his Captain glared at him during Spanish’s funeral. When he wakes, he realizes that it must have been the Captain that had killed Esme. When Alfred returns home the next morning, he finds himself all covered in scratches.

The last two scenes of the episode really were the shocks. Alfred heads to the house of his former captain to find a note waiting for him. The note admits that it was him that killed Esme but that he is gone now. Then over with Martha, she wakes up completely naked in the middle of a field next to a pretty ominous looking tree.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Like I said at the beginning and throughout my breakdown, this episode had weird elements. However, I thought that this really broaden’s the future of the show. We can only Raven Society for so long. We have also added another layer with this Captain that could be the one that killed Esme. Sure, we hade Vietnam flash backs but now they hold more relevance then just PTSD. After this epiosde, I am really hoping that this show gets picked up for a season 2 so we can learn more!

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