‘Pennyworth’ Episode 5 “Shirley Bassey” Breakdown!

Hey Everyone, welcome back for another crazy episode breakdown of Pennyworth. This show is far more exciting than I initially thought when they announced that they were making a show about Batman’s butler. This episode mostly revolves around Esme’s death and Alfred dealing with the aftermath.

The episode starts with Bet actually, who was planning on seeing Esme but got there just too late to see her as her killers had already arrived. She does mention that the man and woman had keys to the apartment. She also watches the funeral from afar as does Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane. Martha is feeling like she is somehow responsible, and Thomas attempts to comfort her but that just seemed awkward. However, the No Name League is happy with Martha and Alfred’s work

In a weird turn of events, since coming to London, Bet happens to find Lord Harwood mutilated on the side of the street and chained up. She persuades the boy violently to let Harwood go with her although at dinner we see that she is confused about his identity.

Alfred is also in pretty bad shape for a bit this episode. In his grieving he begins to see the solder, Spanish, we have seen in flashbacks from Alfred’s time in Vietnam. However, things with Thomas Wayne are picking up. He is seeing the protest on the street when is called into the No Name Society at the homes of the leaders, Julian and Udine Thwaite. He tells Thomas that the plans at this point are for them to set up a meeting with the Thwaite’s and the leader of the Raven Society, Frances Gaunt. From there they plan to kill Gaunt to gain the upper hand over the Raven Society. Thomas isn’t a fan of this plan, but the leaders of the No Name League aren’t people you just say no to.

After that meeting Thomas heads to his contact in the CIA, finally confirming who Tomas really works with. He is suspicious that they know he is CIA and he learns that the CIA really has set all this war in motion with the Raven’s and No Leaguers.

Thomas then makes a stop to Martha to give the assignment. She is not doing so well with the guilt she feels over Esme. Thomas, however, persuades her to talk with Alfred and get him to come to the meeting. When she meets Alfred though he is still not in a good state and tells her he wants no more violence.

The real push for Alfred comes in an unexpected place, The Ripper. He stops for a visit and takes Alfred on a run to help him feel better. After he gets him in a better frame of mind, he eludes to the fact that he knows who Esme’s killer could be, in order to get the information Alfred must do a job for him.

Thomas, who was not able to recruit Alfred, looks elsewhere. As in Bazza and Dave boy. Bazza almost instantly says not but with the money being offered, Dave boy can’t sit no. This has him going in after the leader of the Raven Society on behalf of the No Names. Of course, he hesitates, and this opens a window for Gaunt to shoot him. She immediately fixes him up just as Alfred arrives with his orders from Ripper. He gets Dave boy out of there but then shoots Julian Thwaite in the head decapitating him.

Alfred takes Dave Boy to get the pub to get a doctor called but then immediately sleeps with Sandra, the owner’s daughter. We see that the inspector investigates the scene, but it looks like a dinner that just got ugly. As for the No Name league, Julian’s wife Udine is now in charge which the Prime Minister thinks is laughable. However, with Ripper, we see that they are planning to take over together!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

This epiosde was pretty good. Obviously Alfred is off his game, Dave Boy was shot (again), and we saw things come to blows with the Raven Society and the No Name League. This wasn’t my favorite episode although I also really like seeing more Thomas Wayne.

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