‘Pennyworth’ Episode 4 “Lady Penelope” Breakdown and Review!

Hey Everyone! This episode of Pennyworth sure was a stunner! Probably my favorite yet! I know, I know, I said that last week, but that just goes to show that with each episode Pennyworth is getting better and better!

First of all, Harwood is still lurking about, quite literally. He was dumped alive and is now living on the streets until he is adopted as a pet by a street kid. We see at the end of the episode that Alfred even gives money to him. Otherwise, I am not sure what to expect from him. I want to think that he will be the main villain, but can he get there in six episodes? We’ll have to see.

Alfred in the start of the episode is approached by the Inspector who arrived on the scene of Lord Harwood’s back in episode two and has since warned Alfred about people approaching him with job offers. As it would be, Alfred has taken a long-term job with Martha Kane, who works for Thomas Wayne, who works for the No Name League. Alfred felt funny about Thomas but seemed to like working with Martha, although he did ask her up front about knowing Thomas which she denied. The Inspector threatens putting Alfred, Dave Boy and Bazza in jail, but it seems that the Queen was taken with Alfred. In the end, the inspector makes and interesting question about Esme.

As for Martha, it seems that she wasn’t lying to Alfred about knowing Thomas because we see their first meeting here. Thomas is now her boss and is giving her the job to find out the name of the new leader of the Raven Society, and to take Alfred with her. The league seems to think that Alfred has great potential and if he doesn’t want to work with them anymore than she is instructed to offer him more money. I like the little conversation they share about Gotham, apparently, she is a Duke girl.

When Martha approaches Alfred about the job he initially says no, that he is getting married and that she works for Thomas Wayne, she explains that she didn’t know at the time. Once she finally confides in him the actual mission he finally agrees to helping. That night when arriving to his apartment with Esme, she is holding him at gunpoint, still terrified after her kidnapping and the letter from Bet. She also feels like someone has been listening in on her. He suggests that they move in with his parents for a bit.

Speaking of Bet, she is still with her sister but is growing increasingly bored. This ends with her upsetting her sister, Peg, and having an all-out brawl. After the fight, Bet decides to leave the house and head back to London.

Alfred leaves for his job with Martha after promising Esme that he will be checking in. Martha and Alfred are supposed to check in with a man at a train station with white roses who will then take them to the leader of the Raven Society. Unfortunately, the man they are supposed to meet has been stabbed and the only information he can give is the work “Darkness”. Not all is lost though, they find their train tickets in his wallet. They board the train and end up in a small town where they stumble across a little tea shop called Darkness Tea Room, which seems like where they are supposed to be.

Alfred waste no time making it clear that he is here for the Raven Society after announcing about the man at the train station. He assumes that Miss Darkness is calling her boss and eventually some hired guns will come after them. After a chat with Martha, which makes Alfred feel guilty, he calls Esme to check in with her. She has been bonding with his father and even calls him a “Teddy Bear”. While he is on the phone the tea shop clears out with Mrs. Darkness coming back out with a shotgun. After a struggle, Mrs. Darkness is accidentally shot and is killed.

They make a break for it but are followed. They run through the village resulting in Martha getting cut pretty good on her leg, but they can knock out both boys and get away. Then they get themselves surrounded by these men dressed as ravens who easily take Alfred, but they scatter when Martha pulls a gun. They walk out of the town a bit and then decided to sperate. Alfred to get help and Martha to see the doctor about her leg.

Alfred instead of getting help turns himself in and is then blindfolded in the basement. Martha finds the doctor, but instead of getting treated gets knocked out. Turns out the doctor is the leader of the Raven Society. Alfred tricks the guards into thinking that he has a message only for the leader, so they bring him up to where Martha is. There is a big fight, but in the end all that happens is Alfred and Martha leave with the name of the leader like their mission stated.

When meeting back at Martha’s Alfred gets paid for the job not just in cash but in a kiss. However, that night when arriving home, he finds a note from Esme who has left to go paint their apartment, when he arrives at the apartment Esme has been killed. We saw this as it happened and didn’t get a good look of who the killer could be. I definitely think that it was male, but could be from the Raven Society or maybe even the inspector?


Rating: 5 out of 5.

This epiosde was probably my favorite to date. I think we all expected for Esme to die bit so soon? And even though it was soon, it didnt feel rushed. I thought the kiss with Alfred and Martha was interesting considering Alfred ends up living with her and Thomas later. All in all, I like the storyline more than I thought I would!

You can catch Pennyworth on Epix, Sunday at 9PM.

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