‘Pandora’ Episode 5 “Most Likely to Go” Breakdown and Review!

Hey Everyone! This week on Pandora we have the show delving more into the life of Thomas and his powers, something that has been mostly ignored up to this point.

At the start of the episode though, we have Xander taking Pilar out for a supposed training flight but end up in the debris field of the Terascova, the ship that was bringing back the alien that share DNA with Jax a few episodes back. Here they retrieve the black box for the ship, but he tells her that it was engine thrust control module. This is to keep the cause of the Terascova’s explosion a secret. Dr. Osborn says this is to stop a war, but I think at this point Dr. Osborn is just a super shady guy. When Jax catches wind of this mission she is instantly suspicious, but Xander doesn’t giver her any information. She is upset but he assures her that it is because he is following orders and has other responsibilities than just being a student.

Pretty much the rest of the episode is centric to Thomas and his father. He was released from jail early. He was in jail after getting into trouble stealing with his powers. He arrives on the scene at the Blackhole preforming his normal tricks with his new fiancé, Tyranny. One of the first things that is noticed is that he is unable to read Jax’s mind which is rare.

When Thomas and his father talk, he tells Tomas that he got in back with his bookie but instead of paying them with money they want him to steal an artifact from the school’s vault. Thomas refuses to help and leaves. Jax checks up on Thomas and learns about what his father is asking, but he mostly wants to be alone, however he also approached by Tyranny. She talks with Thomas about his father’s time in war, how he was experimented on and then used to torture Zatarians. This pulls on Thomas, but he isn’t convinced to help yet.

Tyranny then approaches Jax. She tells her that she is unique and that they could use her abilities if she can convince Thomas to help as well. In exchange, Tyranny can give her information about Jax’s mother, apparently, they knew each other. The Harry Potter reference is the real push she needed though. Then Tyranny goes back to Thomas’s dad and we learn that she is not his fiancé at all but his handler and that if he doesn’t help, she will have him sent back to Earth Com where he will be forced to continue to interrogate.

In the meantime, Jax and Thomas talk, and she convinces him to help his dad with stealing the artifact. While stealing the artifact a few things come up, Thomas correctly get the code to the door in, Jax was needed to get through a thought detector, and then Thomas again was needed to amplify his dad’s telepathic signal. Oh, and let’s not forget the lasers that Tyranny got them through. In the end though, it wants an artifact they needed. She scanned the Terascova black box for the information on it.

In exchange for her help, Tyranny gives Jax a key to a lock that she has yet to find. Obviously, this is going to be the “Pandora’s box”. However, Thomas gets upset with her when he finds out that she helped for the information and not just to be there for him like she told him.

Billy D, Thomas’s father, is thrilled thinking that he is now a free man, however, Tyranny has another idea. Instead, she threatens Thomas and having him enhanced in order to force Billy into continuing to work for her. When Thomas heads to dinner with his father, he and Atria talk with Jax. Thomas makes it clear he doesn’t want Jax there but when she touches him, he has an interesting vision. One of her killing a man in cold blood. This frightens Thomas but he doesn’t tell Jax what he saw.  

AT Dinner, Billy acts like he is leaving Thomas and at first it is really upsetting only then for Thomas to explains to Atria that his father spoke with him through their touch. That he fears Tyranny, but he plans to see and help his father again.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

I think episode was not as good in some ways as last week’s epiosde, however, I did like the dive into Thomas and his life/powers. I also really enjoyed the advancement of Jax’s personal stuff with both the key and Thomas’s image.

Pandora airs on Tuesdays, 8PM on CW!

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