Ant-Man and The Wasp: Lost and Found Breakdown and Review!

Hey Everyone, welcome back for my weekly Marvel breakdown! This time we are breaking down Ant-man and The Wasp: Lost and Found! I think that this is one of the weirdest comic breakdowns yet, but was also a nice, light, fun read.


The Comic starts with a little back story about Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne. Of course, they have this cute love story where they fell in love and saved the world, but this is not their story. This is the story of Scott Lang and Nadia Van Dyne. At this point, Hank is gone. However, he has already given his suit to Scot after he stole it in a similar-ish store line to the movie. Nadia is the daughter from his first wife that was kidnapped. Hank never knew that she was pregnant, so he didn’t know that he had a daughter out there.

Scott and Nadia don’t really get along, but she begrudgingly agrees to help him get home after spending time in space with the Guardians of the Galaxy, mostly because he has a birthday party for Cassie to get to. Because this is Scott Lang, he misses the window needed to get home trying to grab his gift for Cassie leaving Nadia to go after him.

This has them in the quantum realm which is always a little weird and screwy. Nadia’s first encounter is with the Thetacorians. She is unable to understand then because the translator isn’t working in her helmet. Scott though, finds her and picks her up from being attacked by the Thetacorians. In his time, he has already been here for four weeks, time is different here. We learned that in End Game. He has figured out that the Thetacorians see the red in their suit and think that they are going to steal their soul like this thing is. Scott immediately wants to attack it but is afraid at what their interference may cause. When Scott points out that the Thetacorians are suffering this pushes her into action against the Red Gob. They eventually discover that they need a certain light frequency to fight it and use the blasters on their arms to attack it. However, in the explosion Nadia is blinded.

In the start of Issue #2 we are introduced to this smaller single celled colony that Nadia has accidentally stepped on and waged war with. Scott, himself, has shrunk down and gone into Nadia’s eyes to figure out what has blinded her and how to fix it, but the explosion has changed the wiring of her eyes. While he is working, she tells him her backstory from her kidnapped mother to being taken by the Winter Soldier and trained at the Red Room in Russia. She eventually got her hand on a Pym Particle and escaped. She assumed the identity of the Wasp and joined the Avengers where she then later met Janet Van Dyne and built a relationship with her.

While that is happening, this colony of organisms has mounted a defense against Nadia and are shrinking her. Luckily, Dalen wants only to shrink and study her and not killer her like the others. She has Scott go to her tear duct to cry him out so that he can escape. The organisms take her suit and helmet so she cannot communicate with them and she is still blind.

In Issue #3 Scot assembles an army of space quantum ants building an army to get Nadia and get out of there. He then communicates with Dalen and explains the situation to them, and Dalen feels relieved that he was right, however, the Army-Gen is ready to end Nadia. Nadia though has managed to escape her cell and is making a run for it. Scot finds her but has to have Dalen put on her suit so he can fly Scot to her faster. At this point they have been in the quantum realm so long that they are becoming living quantum particles and begin to multiply. Now Nadia doesn’t exist in just one state, she exists in all stats allowing for her to see everything all at once and she sees how to escape. She has them grow larger to escape through a jump point and they take Dalen with them. She has seen in her vision that if he does not come with them then something awful will happen to him. When making the jump things don’t exactly go according to plan and Ant-Man comes out negative.

She explains in Issue #4 that they are losing their humanity and becoming Sub-Atomic particles. She thinks that if they touch it will correct the negative issue but then ahs a moment of doubt. Dalen assures her though that it should work. And it does, or so they think. They both head off to their homes with Scott going to see Cassie and Nadia going to the lab but almost immediately they know something is wrong. For one, Hank is alive, and Ant-man is having developed a fan club and is on money. We know that can’t be right, so he heads back to Nadia. They realize that they are not on Earth but still in the quantum realm and something is trying to bond with them and tricking their minds. To save them, Dalen bonds with the particle. From here the plan again is to just keep growing.

At the start of Issue #5, Nadia and Scott end up on the outside of what looks like Earth. However, Nadia quickly dismisses this as Earth. But she thinks that if they shrink and go in that this may be the how they get back home. The problem now, they can’t shrink. Dalen can which tells them that the Pym particle is fine, it is an issue with them and their entanglement. Scott then realizes that he can make Nadia shrink and vice versa because they are becoming increasingly more entangled. Eventually they shrink enough to end up on this Earth.

They travel then through the Sub-Atomic weirdness in Dream and Nightmare Logic and they feel they are close to home but can’t breakthrough. She thinks this is because of the beacon she left on but once they get to the beacon it is not active. She then makes this arm bands that will disentangle them but instead begins to dissolve the quantum foam and messes up the space time continuum. For some reason the universe just won’t let them untangle.

They are slowly becoming each other and are able read the mind of one another. Scott is upset thinking about Cassie until he remembers that when Wasp was able to see everything, she mentioned that they can affect both past and future. They then set the signal in the past for their present selves which ends the casualty loop and gets them home for good.

Scott heads off to Cassie’s belated birthday party. Two weeks later, after sending home Dalen they meet for a baseball game now that they have cemented a friendship. However, things are not as untangled as they thought when Scott get hits by a ball and Nadia reacts the same way.

Next week I will be breaking down Tony Stark: Ironman Vol. 1: Self Made Man


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I really enjoyed this volume. It was a fun and quick read that had alot that Scott Lang humor mixed with his and Nadia’s banter. Even if some of it was really just weird it was interesting to see the quatum realm explored!

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