‘Justice League’ Vol. 1: Origins Breakdown and Review!

Welcome back for my breakdown series of DC Comics – New 52! We have been at this for a few weeks now and we are finally to our first major team up. This is a continuation of the story told in Batman/Superman Vol. 1 Crossworlds, if you want to check out my breakdown on that then the link is at the bottom of the page. There is still a lot of Darkseid to go even after this meeting, but we’ll get to that in time.


At the start of this comic, all the superheroes are still being hunted by the police which makes going against Darkseid that much harder. In the opening Batman is tailing one of Darkseid’s para-demons with the GCPD on his back. Midway through the fight he is joined by Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern.

I love that he is shocked that Batman is actually a real thing and that he has no superpowers. After the para-demons explode leaving behind a mother box, Green Lantern realizes that this is alien. Although he himself is working with an extraterrestrial corps, his first thought is Superman. Batman is weary of this right off the bat since he is a researcher and knows Superman’s powers. Hal though, is ready to face off with Superman, not thinking that anyone could be stronger than him.

In this volume, all the heroes are in some degree established but one and this is his origin story. Victor Stone, the young high school football star and son of STAR labs scientist, Silas Stone. In the beginning he is being scouted by college recruiters, but his father fails to make it to his game although he has promised.

In Metropolis, it looks like Superman has had some issues of his own which makes Batman even more uncomfortable with meeting Superman, but Hal is ready to just jump on in there even making the comment that he will restrain him. Of course, no one restrains superman as Hal learns.

In Central City, Barry Allen struggles with trying to solve murders as a crime scene tech with the CCPD looking only for the Flash. We have seen the same thing in Gotham for Batman in the last few Batman Volumes I broke down.

In the meantime, Batman has unloaded everything he has at Superman with nothing working. Green Lantern then calls in back-up and a reluctant Flash arrives to distract Superman. For Superman, this is only a temporary setback. But Batman, eventually steps in and settle things down by explaining that they thought he may know something about the box they recovered.

In Detroit, Victor stops by STAR Labs to talk with his father about missing his game, but Silas is in the process of studying the box that was lifted from Superman’s fight with the Para-demon earlier. Silas finally admits to Victor that he is never going to go to a football game because it is just a game, and one that will be obsolete with all the superheroes running around.

As Victor is leaving and the Superheroes are finally talking more civilized, the boxes begin to activate spewing Para-demons from them. The Superheroes begin fighting but for Victor, this shredded his body.

Then to Issue #3 we have the introduction of another hero, Wonder Woman. She has been given some leeway by the government because of Steve Trevor’s pull, but her constant battles are beginning to be an issue. When watching the news, she sees one of the Para-demons and thinks that it is a Harpy and leaves the custody of the government to go looking for it. There is the Wonder Woman Ice cream scene, which was also in the Wonder Woman movie, but that is interrupted by the explosion of the mother box in D.C.

At STAR Labs, Silas is upset about the imminent death of his son as his co-workers are being taken by these para-demons, including Dr. Ivo. Silas takes Victor to the Red Room, a place where all their Super-human experimentation happens. He is warned by Dr. Morrow that they need to leave but blind with grief Silas injects Victor with a project they have been working on. As the injection takes hold, Victor gets the vision of Darkseid.

With the Heroes, Batman pushes for them to regroup to better fight the para-demons as Superman is literally taking on large groups of them. Wonder Woman finally arrives on the scene to lend her hand in the team as well. As some tower raises out of the water and brings another hero with it, Aquaman.

His arrival marks the beginning of Issue #4 and immediately begins a power struggle for leadership in the group. He is a king so he would be a natural leader, but for real, it will always be Batman. Aquaman thinks that making Green Lantern a distraction could help since he is green and glows but Green Lanterns pride steps in and says no. This has Aquaman showing off what he can do to prove that he is powerful as well.

With Victor, the programing in the nanites he was injected with are beginning to take hold, but this is obviously confusing for him. He eventually leaves STAR Labs and runs off trying to figure out for himself what is happening, especially since he opens the portal accidentally for Darkseid.

With the heroes, the military has arrived and is attacking the heroes instead of the demons. They all agree that the military needs to be away from here so they can not only focus, but the men and women can be safe. This is when Cyborg drops in on them warning that Darkseid in on the way.

Issue#5 starts with all the heroes getting knocked out in Darkseid’s arrival except the Flash and Superman. They are targeted by Darkseid and his eye lasers which are fast, even for Flash. For Superman, it is too fast. He is hit and carried away by the para-demons.

Green Lantern full of anger and pride takes on Darkseid by himself only to get a broken arm. Batman takes him aside and tells him not only his identity but how the group should move forward. He is relaying this because Batman himself is going after Superman which leads him through a portal to Apokolips.

For the last part of this Volume, the superheroes left on Earth work together with Batman’s plan to take down Darkseid. Wonder Woman and Aquaman manage to blind Darkseid but Cyborg is the real hero by connecting with the Mother Boxes and controlling them.

With Superman he is being experimented on by Desadd and Steppenwolf in order to make a new race of super soldiers for Darkseid’s army. Cyborg gaining control of the mother boxes is the distraction that Batman needs to get Superman and portal back to Earth. Superman at first is shaken but then he sees Darkseid and the anger sets in and he attacks. Pushing him back through a portal as Cyborg can close it. Darkseid attempted to take Superman with him but the others made sure that didn’t happen.

After Darkseid leaves, although he vows to return, the heroes are now seen as a real superhero team. There is some argument among them as some want nothing to do with that and believe this was just a one-time thing. As the ceremony ends it looks like they are in for another job but that is in the next volume.

The volume closes out with a story about Pandora and The Stranger. Both characters are immortals cursed by the Circle of Eternity to be watchers but are never to be involved. She has a box, like a Pandora’s box that allows her to rewrite reality, but she argues that she is just realigning it. When talking about the Circle, they imply that some of the sinners are dead but pandora is looking to finish them and with the help of the Justice League whether they like it or not. I don’t want to get into this too much here, her arc happens a little later. This is just the introduction.

Next Week we will be diving back into Superman’s story in Action Comics Vol. 2 Bulletproof!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I truely enjoyed this volume! I loved seeing the mix of personalities coming together for the initial round of what will be one of the toughest Villains. The Artwork is stunning, which is why I chose to include more than normal. I hope you take the time to check it out.

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Justice League Vol. 1: Origins:

Action Comics Vol. 2: Bulletproof:

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