‘Pennyworth’ Season 1 Episode 3 “Martha Kane” Breakdown and Review!

Hey everyone! Welcome back for my episode 3 breakdown of Pennyworth! In this episode we have Alfred really hit it off with the security business as he takes on his new client, Martha Kane. Name sound familiar? Well, it should.


Yep, this is Batman’s mom! You know, the one with the pearl necklace shot outside of a movie theater by an unnamed assailant in front of her young son. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. At the start of this episode we see Lord Harwood again. Once a high leader of the Raven Society now in the custody of the Crown and being tortured under the orders of the Prime Minister for information on the Raven Society. Here he is questioned by the inspector that arrested him and has been keeping tabs on Alfred for information. He makes the threat that he will be coming after the Prime Minister himself and at the end of the episode when he is dumped nose-less it doesn’t seem like something that is too far off.

While most of the episode does center around Martha and her job she has for Alfred, his failing relationship with Esme is woven in as well. In the last episode he asked her to marry him but now it seems like without her father’s blessing he doesn’t feel right about it. When seeking the blessing and learning that not only will he not get the blessing, but if they go through with the wedding Esme will be disinherited. This is not something that he wants for her, so he breaks things off and struggles with his self-worth and the feelings of the “Monster on the Inside”.

Now the main story. Ian Thurso has invented the computer making his a very valuable asset. He is also gay which is a crime in this time period. Ian and his boyfriend, Sam, are both arrested and detained. This has Martha, a spy with the No Name Society, seeking out Alfred to accompany her to break him out. I like that Alfred asks her if she works with Thomas Wayne. She says no, but I almost find that hard to believe since they both come from rich and prominent Gotham families. Anyway, with her letter from the Chancellery she secures both Ian and Sam.

They take Ian back to his hideout/lab where he packs his computer and prepares to leave the country. This takes them to an abandoned airfield at night and looking to take a plane out of here. However, the Raven Society also have interest in Ian and take out the electricity making it impossible for the plane to land. This puts Alfred in a pickle because he doesn’t have back up or weapons to fight. Martha does have a gun which gives Alfred the plan he needs and the promise of 10,000 lbs. He threatens to kill Ian himself and smash the computer unless the Raven members leave now. This gets them to clear the area, but Alfred knows that if they leave by car they will only be ambushed down the road.

With a little improvisation, Alfred gets a fire going lighting the way for the plane to land. Both Ian and Sam leave with the computer. Later Martha pays Alfred and they work out a deal for his continues assistance making pretty good money. His stipulation is that he will not need a gun and that he will just be driving.

With the money he has earned he from his job with Martha, he first buys a car. At his home, this prompts a disagreement with him and his father about Esme and the way that this father treated both himself and his mother. Alfred then buys an apartment and surprises Esme with it and the asks her to forgive him for his fear and to get back together. She of course agrees but we know that this happiness is only going to be short lived because Bet is still out there. Her and her sister have stopped at Lou Lou’s house and made both him and his wife their slaves. Bet plans to meet back up with Esme although Peg swears, she is going to make her go home with her.

The only other thing happening this episode is was Dave Boy reliving old war memories and then sloppily trying to drink them away. In the process a man accidentally kills himself. Bazza gets annoyed with him most of the episode but we see him come back and pick him because they have that certain bond that only soldiers have.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

I thought that this episode was great. They have chanced Martha from a socialite and activist to a spy and I’m not even mad about it. Maybe we can think that when she has Bruce, she settles down a bit.

If you want to catch Pennyworth, it airs on Sunday nights at 9PM on Epix!

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