Thor Vol. 1: God of Thunder Reborn!

Hey Everyone, welcome back to my series of Marvel comic breakdowns! This post is about Thor Vol 1.: God of Thunder Reborn and probably one of my favorites this far. I know I say that every post, but I really mean it this time! This volume takes place after the destruction of Asgardia, the Bifrost, and Mjolnir. This is all part of the War of the Realms that was started in The Might Thor #1: At the Gates of Valhalla, which are the stories of Jane Foster as Thor.

In the opening of the Volume we have Thor who is feeling the loses of the destruction of Asgardia. His mission now is to find and weapons that had been scattered throughout the realms that were in the weapons room of Asgardia when it exploded. Although, he no longer has Mjolnir, Odin has enchanted him to fly and still have all the thunder power. His first job is facing off with the Juggernaut, the champion of Cyttorak, at the Crimson Temple who has come in possession of the Warlock’s eye that allows for mind control. When Thor fights him his new hammer breaks but luckily, he has a dwarven hook up, Screwbeard, that has some backups available and he secures the Warlock’s eye.

He then heads to Old Asgard. Here he finds that the mines of Asgard are all dried up. This means no new Uru hammer. The Bifrost is still down so travel amongst the realms is limited as it wages on in Malekith’s war. Thor sees Odin which leads him back to Midgard to look in on his mother.

On Midgard, Lady Solomon is running a refugee center for those fleeing the war. Jane Foster stops for a visit. She is still battling cancer which has stopped her from fighting as Thor. She does give him information on a relic, the Gem of the Infinite Sums. When seeing his mother, we learn that her and Odin are not exactly getting along now. She also gives him the warning that Loki will be coming to him soon.

In a rage at the thought of Loki, Thor gets the Gem of Infinite Sums and fights with Namor who isn’t happy about the state of his ocean now. After, Thor returns to his home, a rundown fishing boat. There he finds Loki who insists that he is there to help him in exchange for one item on his boat. He will name the price after the journey though and then pushes Thor into a portal. Thor obviously doesn’t trust Loki and pulls both him and the boat in with him. They land in Nifflehiem. Nifflehiem or Niflhel, is well, Hel. Hel is the homeland of darkness, cold, mist, and ice. As such, it’s the opposite of Muspelheim, the world of fire and heat which is important in this story.

In Nifflehiem, the place of the dead, he is greeted by the Kind of Hel, Balder the Brave and Skurge. They warn Thor that they need to hide before they are seen by the Muspels.

The rest of issue #1 takes place at the end of time with Thor and his granddaughters, the Goddesses of Thunder. After fighting off a space shark they head to New Earth after Thor hears a prayer. When he arrives on New Earth, he finds that the Jane Foster he created is dying. When she asks about an afterlife, he tells her that those places are no more and then she passes. We also learn that the universe is also soon to be no more when Thor’s hammer returns to him after searching for other stars. When he himself goes out looking to see that the heaven is dying, he comes across an unlikely person. Phoenix Wolverine.

Then into issue #2, we see that something is on this train and heading toward the Queen of Cinders. This is a weapon that we will learn about later. With Thor, Karnilla and Tyr come after looking for information on a meeting location. The meeting will take place between the Queen of Cinders, Sinda, and the Chieftains of Hel. They were not able to get a location on the meeting and worry that Balder will lose his supporters in Hel.

At the meeting, a few Chieftains are killed when they will not join Sinda. Mostly, because she is from Muspelheim, the land of fire and doesn’t understand the tradition and their ways of running Hel. However, Gar-toom sides with her because she will allow murder in Hel again. This is something that Balder doesn’t allow, nor did Hela when she ruled. Since he is the leader of the murderers, this is a little understandable.

Back with Thor, they continue to worry about what they chieftains will do. Karnilla though doesn’t want to discuss any more if Loki is there with them. Thor then steps in and vouches for him. This is when the talk of this big weapon is mentioned. They know she has one and they know that it is coming in by train. Loki takes a moment to warn Thor against trusting Tyr, their dead brother. However, Loki isn’t exactly known for being trustworthy and Thor brushes this off.

Thor uses his bomb hammer to break the bridge the train is crossing bring down the train but, once discovering what is in the train, he realizes that another war has just become. Why is that? Because the weapon is Hela and she wants her crown as Queen of Hel back from Balder.

This takes us into issue #3 that starts with a wedding. Who is getting married? Well in a flashback to an hour ago we find a pretty bloody battle. Thor fights Fenris, Tyr fights Loki, Tyr declares his allegiance to Hela, and Hela fights Balder for the crown. Eventually, Fenris and Thor fall into the depths of the water where he is told that he is even to unworthy to die. When he comes out of the water, he declares that they need to work together if they are going to defeat the Queen of Cinders. This has Loki putting out his idea which leads to the wedding between Balder and Hela. Kind of Awkward since Balder is with Karnilla.

Although, there is this alliance happening with Balder and Hela, Thor doesn’t think that this is going to be enough to stop Sinda. He then thinks that the Warriors of Valhalla will be able to level the playing field. Valhalla is in Niffleheim, but the location beyond that is a secret that only Odin and the Valkyrie know. This has Thor asking Loki to kill him so he can go to Valhalla and speak with the Valkyrie. Of course, when Loki kills Thor, the other do not believe that this was at Thor’s request so they think that they should hang him as a mid-wedding activity. Karnilla surprisingly wants the wedding to continue but it seems that Hela has a surprise too. She is already in a relationship, with Thanos.

Into Issue #4 now, the Queen of Cinders shows. She wants everyone dead but, the bride and groom, Balder and Hela. Loki sends out the lifeline to Thor in Valhalla calling the hammer, “The Hel-Bringer”. While that is happening Thanos breaks up with Hela to look for the infinity stones that have resurfaced and she warns that these stones are going to be the death of him.

In Valhalla, Thor talks with Lady Brunnhilde. She is upset that he has come here with Loki’s magic but as the an Odinson she hears him out and agrees to help with the fight. The arrive to the battle in time to see Gar-Toom de-crowns Balder but Lady Brunnhilde stop him from putting it on. Instead Thor puts on the crown becoming the King of Hel and God of the Deathstorm. Pretty Badass.

The Queen of Cinders decides that she doesn’t even want this anymore and calls for Malekith to use the black Bifrost to portal her out of there but warns them that the War of The Realms cannot be stopped.

Even with the Queen of Cinders gone, there is still a battle over who will rule. They plan initially to move forward with the wedding but that it seems the wedding was completed when Karnilla put the ring on she stole from Balder in the battler. Her fear was that Hela would kill him during the honeymoon, so she is taking the burden for him. This has Karnilla and Hela serving as the Queens of Hel.

Tyr heads to Valhalla with the Valkyrie as was the deal with Thor and Thor and Loki head back to Midgard with Balder who is now living. With the journey complete Loki is ready to collect his prize and does so without letting Thor know what it is he has taken.

The rest of this volume takes place in the future. There is a brief bar scene showing that Wolverine and Thor are old friends but that doesn’t seem to matter, and they end up fighting after Thor mentions that he remade Earth. Wolverine is upset because he knows now that Earth will suffer the same fate again soon as the universe is dying and there are still some big bads out there that have now taken interest in the new planet.

It just so happens that one is arriving now. His monsters arrive to the garden first who are met by the Goddesses of Thunder. The true master turns out to be Dr. Doom who now possesses the immortal Iron Fist, the Starbrand, the power of the Sorcerer Supreme and the powers of Ghostrider. He is upset to find that there is a garden where his home of Latveria once stood. The humans of New Earth explain their origin as told to them by Thor which only makes Doom more upset. The Goddesses fight him but with all this power they are really no match.

Thor and Logan have put aside their fights and have headed to Earth in time to stop Doom from destroying the planet. They also fight with Doom, but he is still out powering them as well. After some time, Wolverine realizes that the Phoenix in him wouldn’t let him kill Thor and there must be a reason for that. When Doom uses the fire of Ghost Rider to burn Thor from the inside, reminding him of his past sins, he loses the will to fight. Wolverine then sacrifices himself by picking up Thor’s hammer and passing the Phoenix onto Thor. Now Thor has become the Mighty Thunderbird, King Phoenix and the God of Fire.

Doom and Thor continue their fight in the core of the Earth that lasts for years. The goddesses dispatch of the monsters Goom, Gorilla, Monstorm, and Fin Fang Foom. The garden grows back as the ground below it always shakes with the battle below. Several years later Thor finally defeats Doom and craws to the surface. He then passes out into the forever sleep with Phoenix leaving him and entering a child. She warns the him as that a little bird has told her that the real darkness is coming for them.

As that story was told there were several interludes with the Living Darkness Ego who has swallowed up Galactus and the Kree empire himself. He possesses the same power that was in the sworld wielded by Gorr the god butcher. However, it seems he has met his match when there is a worm on his surface that he cannot seem to kill. Eventually, he decides that this worm can not hurt him so he should stop hurting himself in order to kill it. The worm is clever and then decides to whisper to Ego for 99 years driving him mad. He tells the worm to take what he wants, and he does, the necropower of the sword and shows his true form. Loki, now known as the Necrogod, the All Butcher and The End.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Like I said in the beginning, this is one of my favorite volumes I have done a breakdown for yet. If you read and enjoy this then I highly recommend that you also check out Thor: God of Thunder series as well. I think it will add some insight to what is happening here.

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