‘Pandora’ Episode 4: I Shall Be Released Breakdown!

Hey Everyone!  Welcome back to my Pandora breakdown for episode 4, ‘I Shall Be Released’. After the tragic death of Greg Li in the last episode, is seems that the show then takes a page from the Walking Dead with a potential zombie outbreak. Of course, they never called them Zombies, but we know…

At the beginning of the episode we have Jax struggling with the loss of Greg but must almost immediately put that aside when she is challenged by Xander Duvall to take the Command Path at the Academy, even thought she is more interested in the Science Path. If you remember that a few episodes back when we learned that she is Pandora, it was in a conversation with Xander and Professor Osborn. This could be a way for him to push her to be prepared for that eventual future for her.

She ends up on a training mission with Ralen, Pilar, and two other cadets, one of which is Greg’s ex-girlfriend. We also learn that Greg’s disappearance is being chalked up to him leaving the academy. This makes sense since he died on ship that was supposedly already destroyed. In the training mission they are supposed to be pretending that navigation is down, but then they get a real distress call from a nearby ship. Xander calls this into Earth-Com. He is told not to engage because he has cadets with him but also that the next ship is hours away. Jax, thinking of her family’s death, pushes to do recon on the signal. He eventually agrees.

Things go to shit once on the ship. They encounter their first infected crew member by losing on of their own in the process. The follow where he is dragged off to, but then is flagged down by the scientist that sent out the distress signal. She tells them that they have been working on a special project, one that has gotten out of hand. Obviously.

Xander plans to leave to save his cadets but learns that they are already infected since the pathogen is airborne putting them on full quarantine as well. After testing their blood, they discover that Ralen, as a Zatarian, is immune to the illness. Xander wants to know more but unfortunately since this is an off the grid location then Pilar cannot access the system. This has Jax and Ralen heading to link her in. Once she is linked in the real discovery happens. She finds out that this facility is owned by Paralax, the same company that was producing Riodine in the last episode. They are also using this testing to make a bio-chemical weapon to use against the Zatarians. Ralen is obviously upset that this place is being used for genocide against his people. The worst news for them though, is that Paralex has a ship on the way to this facility. Xander knows that they will take the data and kill everything else.

The plan now is to make the cure using Ralen’s blood and then get out of here. However, Ralen seems unsure if he wants to give his blood. It turns out that, mysteriously, Jax is immune to the illness as well. I am sure that this is the opening to discovering that she is more than just a regular human.

Ralen, of his own free will, decides that he will allow for the use of his blood to make a cure, but they must get to the lab to make that happen. So, they leave Xander behind, after killing the scientist in the room that turned, to make the cure. Of course, the machine to make this happen is loud and draws in several of the infected. One can get in the room and although the cure was made, most is destroyed by the infected. Oh, and the other cadet dies, there is that too.

Ralen, Jax and the scientist head back to Xander where they administer the last of the cure. They leave the site as it blows up behind them. This kills the remaining scientist but also stops Paralex from getting their hands of the research. When looking in on Regan and her father at Paralex, he doesn’t seem to upset. We also learn that the Adari were the ones that tasked Paralex with making this bacterium.

The only other thing that happened this episode was Atria Nine and Thomas moving their relationship to something physical, at least for Atria. Thomas would like to have more of a traditional relationship with feelings and all that, but it isn’t something that Atria is familiar with. This causes conflict with them until she realizes that she does have feelings for him, and they are able to make up at the bar. There Xander and Jax also have the opportunity to talk and she asks him if he knows why she was immune to the bacteria. He says that he doesn’t know but we know that he does. However, he does add in that she was born to be a leader.

This episode I thought was a much easier episode to understand than the last few, however, we really are getting a better idea of the depth of the conflict with the Zatarians and the Adari. Even though there are things about the show that I still find corny, I am interested in seeing the remainder of the season.

If you want to catch Pandora, it airs on the Tuesday, 8PM on the CW!

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