‘Pennyworth’ S1E2 “Landlord’s Daughter” Breakdown!

Welcome back for another breakdown of ‘Pennyworth’, the newest DCTV show to hit the airwaves. I really enjoyed the first episode and if you want to check out my breakdown of that I’ll leave a link of that( http://bit.ly/2KjenxQ). This episode did not disappoint either as we head further in the Alfred life.

The opening of this episode has a man running for hi life only to be caught by Mr. Ripper. Yes, this is a play on Jack the Ripper, but I didn’t think it was hokey in anyway. We learn more about Mr. Ripper later. Alfred is still working at the nightclub and Thomas Wayne is still looking for him to take a contract for him. One that he promises will be very lucrative, something Alfred really needs right now. However, Alfred isn’t having it after him and Esme almost died already because of Thomas Wayne’s work.

To catch us up on Raven Society members that were brought down by Alfred in the last episode, lord Harwood is being heavily tortured looking for information and the leader of the Society. Bet Sykes is imprisoned and is sentenced to be hanged soon. She though, has other plans that will unfold this episode. Starting out with working the guard.

Bet also isn’t far from the mind of Esme who was her prisoner in the last episode and is having dreams about her now. I’m this episode we see her play that she has been working on take off finally. I think Alfred knows that she is going to make something of herself and promises her that he will never hold her back, even if that means they cannot be together. How sweet. But he does also call out that he has yet to meet her dad. I get the impression that her father is not a good person.

The real plot of the episode comes in when Alfred goes to a local pub to meet Dave Boy and the pub owner’s daughter is harassed by a man named Jason. In this occurrence Alfred and Dave boy watch curiously, but after question the owner about what is going on. Turns out this man, Jason, the Nephew of Mr. Ripper, or as they call him, the Man from Whitechapel. Dave puts Alfred up to fixing this situation as it could be good business for him Security Firm, but Alfred is apprehensive about making an enemy of the Rippers.

At Esme’s play, things go well, but after Alfred is approached by the Inspector. He has more “Unofficial” questions for Alfred and warns him about shady men approaching him now with a lucrative offer. Alfred immediately thinks of Thomas Wayne but keeps it to himself. The Inspector also lets Alfred know that Bet is being put to death shortly.

With Bet, we see that she has made quite the impression on her guard. They have gone from playing games together to sleeping together and now she wants him to mail out letters for her. When he refuses, she threatens to share the condoms she has kept that they use authorities to get him fired. So, he agrees to mail the two letters.

That night, Alfred puts in motion his plan to stop Jason from coming into the pub and harassing Shandra anymore. When Jason comes in, he pretty much just acts like Jason isn’t important, which really sets Jason off and ends in a street fight. Of course, Alfred has his back up with Bazza and Dave Boy. They take Jason to a room and torture him as Alfred meets with Mr. Ripper with a proposition. Considering that Mr. Ripper is one of the most dangerous men in London, this is kind of a big deal. They end up torturing Jason to the point that he turns on his Uncle while Mr. Ripper watches. This has Jason in deep trouble, and he forces Jason to leave the country and if he returns, he will be killed.

This of course doesn’t mean that Alfred hasn’t put himself in hot water with Mr. Ripper. He though with some talk can get on the good side of Mr. Ripper which has Alfred hoping it will help his business. However, I feel things are only getting more interesting for Alfred. While he was out Esme received one of Bet’s letters and becomes upset. The other letter is to Bet’s sister Peggy, who seems to be just as interesting as Bet.

As the episode wraps up, we see that Harwood is continuously tortured but tells the Prime Minister that he is the leader of the Raven Society, which is laughable because we have seen that it is the Prime Minister that is the leader. Obviously, the Prime Ministers involvement is very secret, and he orders for Harwood to be taken to “The Barber” and broken.

And then probably the grossest and best scene of the episode was the hanging of several prisoners, but not Bet. Her sister Peggy orchestrated her escape and it looks like they may have instead hanged a guard in her place. This is not going to be good for Esme and Alfred who think that Bet is dead and are currently celebrating their engagement!

Again, I really enjoyed this episode almost as much as the first! If you are interested in watching Pennyworth, you can find is on Sunday nights at 9 P.M. on Epix!

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