Cw’s ‘Pandora’ Episode 3 Breakdown!

Hello Everyone! The third episode of Pandora has aired, and I think that this was ultimately the most confusing and my least favorite episode yet. However, there are some things I liked about this episode so let’s dive in.

At the opening of the episode there is a presentation in class from Lieutenant that served on ship called Seahawk. According to his recount he left the ship due to injury in the Zatari war and then shortly after the ship was attacked and the captain and ship fought to save Earth and ultimately paid the ultimate sacrifice in what is called Operation Firebird.

On of the confusing things for me this episode was the relationship with Greg. Did we miss something? Sure, he asked her on a date but, that was the last we heard and now they are all hot and heavy? I feel like a scene that explained this must have been cut or something. Regardless, we get the sense that Xander is a little jealous of this arraignment as he talks with Thomas and the Lieutenant. When Ralen enters the bar things really set off with the Lieutenant attacking him for being Zatarian. Xander steps in and stops the fighting and admits this this isn’t normal behavior for the Lieutenant.

Greg and Jax attempt to investigate this but, the Lieutenant was placed in quarantine for some reason. This has them analyzing the blood left on Ralen’s shirt and realizing that LT. Collins has been on a highly addictive drug called Riodine. They learn from Professor Osborn that the whole crew of the Seahawk was given the drug because it increases their aggression and productivity. This was one of the weapons used in the Zatarian War.

After getting caught in a sexy time scene, Jax asks her roommate, Delaney, what she can find out about the Seahawk. She investigates the archives but ends up discovering that the Seahawk never went down. It is still out in space and three months ago it was near New Portland. This makes it a likely suspect for who killed Jax’s parents.

This pushes Jax and Greg to sneak into the hospital to see Collins. He is currently withdrawing from the Riodine but tells them that he has been getting it from Paralax, that company that is ran by Regan’s father. (The woman always meeting with Professor Osborn) Jax then reaches out to Xander. She knows that her Uncle will not help them and has been uncooperative. He agrees to help after they learn about Seahawks location.

With Regan and her father, we learn a little more about the plot here. Paralax has been supplying the Seahawk with the riodine in exchange for information they discover. They agree though that after this next meeting and the information they collect, that they are ending this agreement which will lead to the end of the Seahawk. We see more clearly as well the tumultuous relationship between Regan and her father.

Now this brings all the parties together. Regan from Paralax is meeting with the Seahawk where Jax, Greg and Xander are headed. Xander is the first to head in but the comms are jammed which leads Jax and Greg to go in as well. After the exchange with the Seahawk and Regan there is a shoot out that ends with Jax and Greg captured and taken to the Seahawk. This has them there when the captain discovers that he was duped by Paralax and the cases of Riodine are empty.

The only local next step is of course to attack Zatarians although Jax warns that this will lead to the Seahawks death, however without the riodine they are all dead anyway. Xander and Delaney search for the Seahawk in order to recue Jax and Greg but it isn’t until Jax tricks one of the guards and sends a message to Delaney that they find the seahawk and attack. Now they Jax and Greg are moving about the ship and she comes back to talk with the captain and get information about New Portland. However, she doesn’t get the information she wants. He tells her that they went to New Portland looking for some type of energy source but that the colony had already been attacked when they arrived.

I got a little confused at this point but, Jax gets Greg, who was beaten earlier when first arriving to Seahawk, to an escape pod but says that she is going to go back to set off something that will begin the destruction of the ship. This will of course kill her, so Greg does the old switch-a-roo and he puts her in the pod and sends her out to space and blows up the ship himself.

Other things happening this episode, Thomas and his lost distance girlfriend break up. Then Ralen is bullied at the academy, but eventually stands up at open mic night to call for peace and understanding.

All in all, this wasn’t my favorite episode like I said in the beginning. However, I do like the characters and hope that there will be some better writing in the future.

If you want to check out Pandora it is on the CW, Tuesdays at 8 P.M. EST.

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