Immortal Hulk Vol. 1: Or is He Both? Breakdown!

Hey Everyone, welcome to my breakdown of Immortal Hulk Vol. 1. This is my fourth installment of my Marvel Mondays and one of my favorites thus far. Typically, I am not a huge Hulk fan. I like the character, but not one I ever got super geeked about. You know what I mean. However, I really enjoyed reading this volume and look forward to reading Vol 2.

First off, I should probably mention that Bruce Banner has been dead for two years, or so the world thought. At his own request Hawkeye shot him in the head with a Gamma irradiated vibranium arrow. You could say it did the trick. It did kill Bruce, but only sent the Hulk to the other side of this green door we will hear people talk about this volume.

In the opening scene we have a gas station robbery that gets messy when the robber shoots a little girl, the clerk, and to his misfortune, Bruce Banner. When the detective investigates him, he is a John Doe and he appears to be dead. Until he isn’t. He leaves the morgue as the Hulk and pays Tommy, the gunman, a visit. This leaves Tommy and the gang he owns money to all in the hospital. The detective on the case tells a reporter her thoughts that this may be the Hulk and the reporter, Ms. McGee takes the story from there.

After his experience with Tommy, Bruce travels some more and comes across a town that has been experiencing some weird things. At a local bar the man calls it a “Chain of Grief” that started when Del Frye died. Bruce checks out the grave of Del and immediately knows that something very bad has happened. He feels the Gamma radiation coming from the grave and calls it in to the authorities. He even gives his name as Bruce Banner, so they take him seriously. Upon further investigation, he remembers seeing a green light on his way into town and discovers a cave that has some issues going on. For starters, this is Del’s dad. He experimented with Gamma radiation to save his son from the fate of death like his mother. He first tried the drug on himself and he felt great. However, when he gave it to his son, he was dead within moments. His grief kept him from other people, so no one notices when he himself turned into a green glowing monster.

He attempts to kill Bruce for finding him, but once the Hulk is unleashed, he doesn’t stand a chance. The issue is, that everyone that has grieved for his son Del in the cemetery has now encountered Gamma radiation and could will die as well. Firs though, they will walk all over town and spread the contamination further. Hulk, knowing that the doctor cannot be killed, buries in him the mountain. A fate worse than death.

In the next story about the Hulk, it is told as McGee interviews witnesses to an event where the Hulk makes an appearance. At a church, the character Hot Shot as held an entire congregation hostage as he attempts to get the priest to read last rites to his girlfriend, jailbait. She died in their hotel room but not before being a carrier to something from the green door. The Hulk smashes in and takes control of Hot Shot so that he can be taken into custody. Later we learn that Hot Shot hung himself in jail.

After writing her story about this McGee gets a call from Walter Langkowski. You may know him as sasquatch, and he was an old college roommate of Bruce Banner. After finding out that Bruce had become the Hulk, he experimented on himself looking to replicate the results. In the process he is a similar monster but Sasquatch style. In the process of the experimentation he was opened the green door and allowed for something to get out.

With McGee, they head to another location where there has been a Hulk sighting. They stop at a bar where McGee has learned that Bruce likes to do his investigating there, Walter is involved in a bar altercation. This doesn’t end well when two normally well-behaved patrons stab him in the back and take off. He is rushed to the hospital and dies in the operating room.

McGee gives her statement to the police and when she is alone Bruce Banner finds her and sits next to her. He tells her that the Sasquatch is like him in that he is not going to be able to die, that the monster inside of him will live. And this prompts an evacuation of the hospital. Just in time as Sasquatch has awaken and kills the hospital staff.

When Bruce comes in to talk with him, he immediately kills Bruce who then transforms into the Hulk. They fight and, in the process, he realizes that this is not simple Walter. That there is something else here attached to him. It is the same thing that was attached to jailbait before she died. When confronting Sasquatch, he learns that it is his father that is attached to Walter and that is why he was looking for Bruce. But this isn’t Bruce, this is the Hulk and he is not scared of his father like Bruce is. The hulk then eats the Gamma radiation from Sasquatch, because that is what he does. This takes the powers from Walter.

McGee talks with Hulk again after the incident and we hear why she seems obsessed with the Hulk. When she was younger, he destroyed her neighborhood and she looked into his eyes and decided that she wants to be like him. The Hulk says no and leaves, when looking in the mirror though he learns that his father isn’t gone, but inside of him.

This will lead us into Volume 2 which dives more into the green door. That is going to be a way off though. Our next breakdown is going to be for Doctor Strange Vol. 1 so be sure to come back and check that out!

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