CW’s ‘Pandora’ Season 2 Episode 2 Breadown and Review!

The Breakdown

In the last episode of Pandora, we were mostly introduced to the characters and their general roles. Now, we are going to dive a little further into the politics of the show and then I will give my overall thoughts at the end.

At the beginning of the episode the news of the Terascova being destroyed breaks. We were led to think that this is the work of Ralen after the conversation with his father, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out that this was someone else’s doing. Someone that wants Jax’s true identity as Pandora kept secret. Xander though, is instructed to keep an eye on Ralen.

There is also this Volleyball game that felt a little out of place with Greg asking Jax on a date, which she agrees to. From here we spend the rest of the episode in the middle of Adari business when a leader from that planet comes to speak at the academy.

We learned in the last episode that Atria Nine was a clone from the planet Adar, and that she is one of a few clones that have ever been freed as the clones are thought to be property. The speaker, Seeker is running for office on the planet of Adar and is drumming up support, officially. Unofficially he is there to get Atria Nine. She is lured in by another Atria clone, Atria Three. The switch spots pretending to be the other one so Atria Nine can go back to Adar and destroy the clone factories.

Of course, plans never go as you think. Thomas and Jax are onto Atria Three knowing that she is not Atria None and question her. She tells them about the plan that was made but also that this was a set up by Seeker to get his hands-on Atria Nine. This is because it was Atria Nine that “killed” his son. The thing is, Seeker knows that this is a lie and he wants information on where his son is now. Then once he gets the information, he is going to kill Nine.

Jax and Thomas set in motion a plan with the help of Jax’s roommate, Delaney, and Professor Pevney to get to Adar and save Atria. Jax pretends to be an inspector and Thomas goes in to save Atria. Jax is successful in blowing up the clone factory and making a distraction once Xander arrives to help. Yes, he keeps popping up like that. The locate Thomas with Atria and Seeker. Thomas was an absolute failure in getting Atria and instead they are all brought to meet with a Zatarian ship.

On the Zatarian ship we have our friend Ralen and Seekers son, Lenard. In this conversation the end of this war that we have heard talk of makes a little more sense. So, the humans were fighting the Zatarian, the Zatarians gave asylum to Lenard and this led the Adarians to join the humans leading to the humans winning the war. Now Seeker wants his son back and the Zatarians wants vengeance. None of that is happening now though because Jax and Xandar break up the party with a shootout and get Atria back to Earth.

Back on Earth, Atria Nine and Atria Three are able to continue to live their lives but know that for now nothing on Adar is going to change. Greg again pushes for that date but Jax get distracted when she realizes that Xander wasn’t spying on her but on Ralen and she confronts him about it. This confirms her suspicions that they think Ralen blew up the Terascova.

In the final conversation with Regan and Dr. Osborn there is still a lot of mystery. Mostly that they are monitoring Jax’s actions as Pandora and that they need to keep in communication.

My Thoughts

My thought on this show are still mixed. There are some things I like and maybe that is because I love science fiction and old SYFY channel shows. Mostly though I think there needs to be some improvements. The CGI still isn’t great, granted this is a summer CW show so the expectations weren’t high. I think some of the acting is good. I like Jax and Atria, even Ralen, Xander and Greg all work for me. Thomas though fell short this episode. His fight scene was absolutely ridiculous. Are you really training at the academy?

I am personally going to keep watching and writing about the show; however, I don’t expect to see this make it out of season one.

If you are interested in check it out it airs on CW, Tuesdays at 8 P.M. EST

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