Quicksilver: No Surrender Vol 1. Breakdown!

Hey guys! Welcome back for my Marvel Monday Comic breakdown! I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am. In the last two weeks we have covered some Avengers and then Thor, but now we are going to hop over to Quicksilver. Quicksilver is an interesting character; in that he is both a mutant and an Avenger. You know this, you have seen Age of Ultron. While this is not an origin story, as he already has been a member of the Brotherhood turned Avenger, he is looking for his place in all of this. The real story here is what to do with all the rage inside.

The comic opens in part one with Quicksilver trying to save the world with all the other Avengers being trapped inside of a blue orb. With the help of his sister Wanda to increase is speed, Quicksilver gets to the orb and saves the Avengers but in the process becomes unstuck from time itself. At first, he looks at the fun side of this and takes the time to redress Magneto and get a selfie, because, who wouldn’t? After awhile he becomes lonely after having no one to talk to. After some moping, he hears a noise and discovers that he isn’t alone after all. What he finds isn’t exactly good though.

What he finds is this energy-type being that looks like him but is killing the people that are frozen around him. He stops the first one and then realizes that he knows the people this thing was trying to kill, it’s the girl that serves him coffee.

In Part Two, he continues to kill these speed monsters as they pop up. All of them continue to look like him and all of them going after people he knows. Eventually, one of them leads him to the village that him and his sister, Wanda, grew up in as poor children. He fights this one, but more continue to show. After also taking on a pet turtle, Mister Dribbles, he is led to Magneto by the time monsters. This is very confusing for him since he has significant history with Magneto. You know, tricking your children into being weapons for your cause never works out well. Regardless, Quicksilver doesn’t want him to die like this and stops the monster from killing Magneto.

After saving Magneto, he is then led to save his daughter Luna. Luna is the child he had when he was married, but that didn’t work out. After saving her he is led to his current home, Avengers HQ. He saves Jarvis and gets a peek at the Synapse and Doctor Voodoo using their magic to try and reach him. That is when he is interrupted by a loud boom and led outside in time to see a large time monster going after Wanda. This leads up into Part Three with a Wanda/ Pietro history lesson just giving us the base of their relationship as brother and sister. Mostly, they were experimented on and then returned to their village.

Back to the current time, Quicksilver realizes that he cannot save Wanda from this monster and runs with her. He hides her in a cave where he once came with his ex-wife in New Mexico. He waits for the monster and when it shows he fights it a bit and then runs back to Avengers HQ where he hides everyone in the basement. Like, he carries Captain America around like a handbag. He then sets traps for the monster, but he blows right by them. He then tells the monster to just take him and leave Wanda and the others alone. Somehow, at this point Wanda joins him in this place and lets him know that the others are trying to pull him out of here, but that his mind it too busy. When Wanda freezes again there is some hex residue that leads him to Mister Dribble. No, I am not making this up.

The opening of Part Four is Pietro giving Mister Dribble the world tour. That is until one of the monsters comes after Mister Dribble but then flees leaving Quicksilver chasing him to this canyon packed with these monsters. He attempts to fight them, but it overwhelmed, and he lives. Wanda comes to him again and tells him that it is like something is latched to him, but at this point he is so full of self-pity that he isn’t really paying attention to what she is saying.

He goes back to the canyon again and again runs away. Then again Wanda comes to him with Jericho. They tell him that for him to be saved that he needs to calm down. He goes back to the cave once again and this time uses a Zen mind to defeat the monsters, but again he is over run. What he needs now is a costume change!

In the beginning of Part 5, he has his costume change and a Zen state of mind and THIS time it works. He defeats all the monsters in the cave, or so he thought. There is one left and he explains to Pietro that when he came to this place these beings sensed him and were able to take his shape and fed on his rage. Since he is so full of this last monster breaks out of this “unstuck” place and into the real world. However, once Quicksilver is back in the real world, he remembers not just his rage, but all the love and joy he also feels. So basically, he hugs the thing to death. The End.

It may seem that my comments were sarcastic, but honestly, I did enjoy reading this comic. If I have once negative to say, it is that it was repetitive. I hope you guys take the time to check it out though and let me know what you think! Next Monday we will be talking about “The Immortal Hulk Vol. 1: Or is he Both?” See you then!

Where to purchase this comic?

Quicksilver: No Surrender Vol 1.: https://amzn.to/2Fxz6v9

Where to purchase Next weeks comic?

The Immortal Hulk Vol. 1: Or is he Both?: https://amzn.to/2XsYyw1

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