Marvel’s Eternals SDCC 2019 News!!

Wow, Marvel definitely flexed at this year’s SDCC. They announced several movies and shows that will release Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+. I already posted all the casting and news for the Black Widow movie, ( if you are interested in that then check out the posted link. Aside from the back story about Natasha, the next big movie from Marvel is the new team of superheroes, The Eternals.

The Eternals are a powerful race of cosmic beings that have existed for millions of years. They were created after Celestials experimented on early man and although they look like humans, they are far more advanced. I recently did a comic breakdown for Avengers Vol. 1: Final Host that may shed some more light on Celestials and the creation of the Eternals. ( They typical are in a constant battle with the Deviants who were also experimented on by Celestials. However, the Deviants are a hateful race that reflect in their outer appearance. So, lets talk about the cast.

Angelina Jolie

Obviously, the big casting here is Angelina as Thena. Another thing that I should probably mention is that the Eternals draw heavy inspiration from Greek and Roman mythology. Thena and her Eternal father Zuras are obviously parallels to Athena and Zeus. Her powers include superhuman strength, she can regenerate after injuries, and she can fly. Thena is also a low-level telepath. This means that she can read surface thoughts of those around her and create minor illusions. Her favorite weapons include her spear and crossbow. Since she is a second-generation Eternal, she is relatively young for a celestial, but is very powerful. I am anxious to see how they adapt her into the MCU and what they may add to the character.

Salma Hayek

Another big name is Salma Hayek playing Ajak. Ajak in the comics has a much longer history as an Eternal and includes being a Mayan and Inca god, fighting Warlord Kro’s Deviants in Babylon, has fought with Thor against Dromedan, acted as a liaison to Celestials during the Third and Forth host among many other things. Like Thena and all other Eternals, he can fly, he has superhuman strength, can regenerate, and is a low-level telepath. Obviously, they have a gender-swap here, but that isn’t really a big deal to me.

Richard Madden

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, then the announcement of Richard Madden playing Ikaris was awesome. Ikaris was born over 20,000 years ago and was around during the Second Host which was know as the Great Cataclysm that sunk Atlantis. (May also include some connection the Noah’s Ark story) There are a ton of stories that writer Jack Kirby connected with him. He is one of my favorite Eternals.

Brian Tyree Henry

Brian Tyree Henry has been cast to play Phastos. Now both the actor and the character are a little lesser known. However, Henry voiced the character Jefferson Davis in Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. He will also be in the new Joker movie, as well as, A Quiet Place 2! As for Phastos, he is a third of fourth generation Eternal, which will make him relatively young and maybe not as powerful as some of the older members.

Kumail Nanjiani

Kumail Nanjiani is playing Kingo. Kingo is a master swordsman trained by Samurai. Currently he is using these skills to be an action movie star. Yep, we have an actor playing an Eternal who is playing an actor. This is definitely a place I can see Marvel’s brand of comedy coming in.

Lauren Ridloff

Lauren Ridloff is playing Makkari which is another character departure as Makkari in the comics is a white male, but I think that this is fantastic casting and will introduce our first deaf superhero. Makkari is a speedster and the fastest being in Marvel. He is also a second generation Eternal and works in the Eternal Technology guild, specializing in building high speed vehicles.

Lia McHugh

Lia McHugh has been cast as Sprite. Sprite is an Eternal that has complete control over his molecular structure and as a result can change his appearance, however, mentally will always be a child and is treated as such.

Don Lee

Then finally, Don Lee is playing Gilgamesh. Don Lee is a very popular Korean actor. Gilgamesh is an exiled Eternal and is the strongest. He is known to have meddled with human history and is said to be Hercules, Atlas and Samson. He is very prideful and is often shunned by his fellow Eternals.

The Plot?

The plot is still mostly unknown but is rumored to be revolved around a younger Eternal, Sersi, who prefers to be around humans. There is no known casting for Sersi, so this is something I am looking to hear about in the future.

Eternals is scheduled to be in theaters on November 6th, 2020 and I will keep you up to date with information as it is released!

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