Marvel’s The Falcon and Winter Solider SDCC 2019 News!

This Year Marvel dropped loads of news on us with their plans to take us further into the Marvel Universe and beyond the Avengers. With the Disney+ streaming service launching in November there have been several shows announced that allow us to explore out beloved remaining Avengers in a different format. These are the really the ones “left behind”. The first show we can expect is The Falcon and Winter Solider that will drop in Fall 2020.

There wasnt any additional casting announcements made, but I wasn’t really expecting too many. They did announce that the villain of the season would bring back Captain America: Civil War’s Baron Zemo. He will be sporting that iconic purple mask from the comics and be played by Daniel Bruhl.

We also learned that the main premise of the show would be Anthony Mackie’s The Falcon settling into the role of Captain America with reisistance by the government. While it wasn’t mentioned at SDCC, the show is written by Malcolm Spellman (Empire) and The Wrap reported earlier this month that he would be joined by John Wick writer, Derek Kolstad. Meanwhile, Deadline has reported that Kari Skoglan (The Handmaid’s Tale) will direct all six of the series’ episodes, but none of those things were confirmed.

As more information released about The Falcon and Winteer Soldier, I will be sure to keep you updated. If you want to read more about the upcoming Black Widow movie or The Eternals then click the links below.

Black Widow:

The Eternals:

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