Marvel’s Black Widow SDCC 2019 News!

Marvel made quite the show on Saturday dropping several years of content in our laps. There are some familiar faces here, but also a healthy handful of new ones going into Phase 4. This includes both movies and shows that will air on Disney’s new streaming service coming this November, Disney+. The first up in line is Black Widow which is slated to be out on May 1st. 2020.

I think we have been waiting for this movie since at least the first Avengers movie, if not since her first appearance in Ironman 2. With her sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame this opens up the opportunity to look back on who she was and what she had to do to become the Avenger we loved. We know from conversations with her and Bart, as well as with Banner, that she feels like she was atoning for past sins (wiping the red from her ledger) and this movie will dive into that.

Let’s take a look at the new cast:

David Harbour

David Harbour has been cast as the Russian version of Captain America, Red Guardian. In the comics he was married to Natasha/Natalie before being selected for the mantle of Red Guardian. I won’t talk too much about it to avoid spoiling anything you don’t want to know. All I am saying is, look for this to be a love interest for Natasha.

Rachel Weisz

It was announced that Rachel Weisz would be taking the role of a character named Melina. No other information about the character was given and there is some speculation that she is going to be playing the main villain, the Taskmaker. I am by no means saying that is wrong, but I am more willing to bet that she is going to be Melina Vostokoff. In the comics she was trained in the Red Room like Natasha, but never lived up to the famous Black Widow. She later goes on to become the villain Iron Maiden.

Florence Pugh

Florance is cast as Yelena Belova. She was another trainee of the Red Room and at one point even has the title of Black Widow after Natasha is no longer loyal to Russia. There have been times in the comics that she was a friend of Natasha and other times when they were enemies so I think that is going to the the basis of their relationship.

O-T Fagbenle

The only thing we were given about O-T’s character is that his name is Mason. I could only find a few characters that may fit what was described as “a fixer for those in the underworld”, but none that I was sure about. Hopefully more will be released or seen in upcoming trailers.

Like I mentioned, the Taskmaker is going to be the big bad in this movie but nothing about who has been cast for that role. There was also no mention of Jeremy Renner making an appearance to explain this Budapest story, but hopefully that is something we will finally get answers to as well.

I will be working to get all the information that dropped from SDCC so keep checking back for more!

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