The Mighty Thor: At the Gate of Valhalla #1 Breakdown!

Hallo Everyone! Welcome to my breakdown of ‘The Mighty Thor: At the Gates of Valhalla #1” and my second Marvel Monday! This is going to be significantly shorter than my last, but this is one issue as opposed to the entire volume like last week. In this issue we follow the Thunder Goddesses (Thor’s Granddaughters) of the future as they look for Thor/Jane Foster from the past.

Getting started we have the Thunder Goddesses, Atlis, Ellsiv and Frigg going back in time using Time Diamonds that Ellsiv found on Asgard. Of course, they are clumsy about their use of them and first end up a billion years in the past fighting trolls. They briefly see Thor before they leave this time period and at this point he has not even proven himself worthy of Mjolnir. They mention the God Bomb here and this is a reference back to their introduction to the Marvel Universe. I highly recommend you check out the “Thor: God of Thunder” collection for more of that history if you are interested. ( This was one of my favorite Marvel comics.

Then, they head to another point in time using the diamond. This takes them to the 26th century Thor. Not the one they are looking to find.

After that they request to see Thor before the fight with the Dark Celestial, the events of last week’s comic, Avengers Volume #1: The Final Host. Of course, that is not where it takes them. It takes them to the first encounter with a Celestial in the Stone ages where they come across Starbrand and Ghost Rider.

They book it out of there and ends up bringing them to their future where Thor is fighting a dead Loki. Something they desperately want to intervene in but can’t because of the implications it could have. This is also a nice peak at what is to come.

After all of that they end up on present day Earth finding a very sick Jane Foster. This is after her short stint as Thor and before she will pick up the mantel again. They spend time with her recounting her heroics and encouraging her to have strength through her cancer treatment.

When the Thunder goddesses make it back to their time they talk about their past and Jane’s future. The War of the Realms.

We are then brought to Malekith the Dark Elf. You may remember him from Thor: The Dark World. He is actively bringing chaos to all the realms one by one. He has already destroyed Asgard for the Angels. This was the deal to have them then attack Midgard/Earth.

That is where this issue ends for now and we will pick up again in a couple of weeks. In between now and then we will read “Immortal Hulk Vol. 1 – Or is He Both?” and “Doctor Strange Vol. 1: Across the Universe”. I hope you enjoyed this breakdown and look forward to many more Mondays together!


Rating: 3 out of 5.

For the most part I enjoy this issue and it does set up for quite a bit more, but with this really being Jane Foster’s time to shine I didn’t feel like there was enough of her in it.

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The Mighty Thor #1: At the Gates of Valhalla:

Quicksilver Vol. 1: No Surrender:

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